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Fraud by Check & Forgery Lawyer in Denver

| Feb 5, 2016 | Fraud by Check |

Attorney for Fraud by Check and Forgery Charges

Many times, crimes can be grouped due to their similarities. This helps us to explain the crimes to our clients. In some cases, it affects the possible plea bargains our clients can explore. Knowing the subtle differences between Fraud by Check and Forgery, can help us in that process. Let’s study the differences between these two similarly charged crimes. Read the Definition and Elements of Fraud by Check.

Fraud by Check Lawyer Jefferson County, C.R.S. 18-5-205

Fraud by Check can be committed in Jefferson County cities like Arvada, Golden or Westminster, in a variety of ways. These include writing a check when you have no money in the account, writing checks on a closed account, or opening a checking account under a false name or with false information. This crime’s classification can vary from a class 1 petty offense to a misdemeanor to a felony, usually dependent on the amount of money stolen.

Forgery Attorney in Denver, C.R.S. 18-5-102

Forgery is a broader class of crime across Denver, which can encompass the crime of Fraud by Check in some cases. This felony crime involves conduct like falsely making, completing or altering a written financial instrument, security / stock, deed, will or other public record. Generally, we see forgery when a person is stopped by a traffic officer, and the person has a suspended driver’s license. To keep out of trouble, they pretend to be another driver, and give a false name and DOB. In the end, they sign the person’s name on a ticket. This is clearly forgery. The crime can encompass Check Fraud conduct if someone changes the amount on a check or forges another’s signature.

Arapahoe and Douglas County Fraud by Check / Forgery Lawyers Discuss Penalties and Sentencing

Sentences for a felony version of Forgery or Check Fraud can be steep, with possible punishments including probation, community corrections, county jail, work release or the Arapahoe County Jail. Misdemeanor crimes of this nature can include county jail sentences, work release or probation. Your criminal defense attorney knows the best route to take to minimize your possible punishment. Trust us to protect your future.

Restitution in Adams County Forgery or Check Fraud Cases

Making the victim of a crime whole is really important to a district attorney. That way, there is only a small chance the victim will complain and make the DA’s office look back. Public image is job #1 for deputy DAs. These lawyers know that making their office and their boss look good is everything for their future as an attorney prosecutor. Restitution is a great way to make everyone in the system appear competent. This means getting the defendant to pay back the money taken. In every criminal case in Brighton, Thornton or NE Denver, restitution is required by law.

Our criminal defense attorneys work tirelessly to keep your criminal record clean. Never speak to police or sheriff deputies at any time. They are trying to get you convicted, not trying to help you. They will act nice, hoping you will trust them. Next, call us at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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