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False Imprisonment Lawyer in Denver – Criminal Defense Atttorneys Can Help

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False Imprisonment in Denver does not just occur when you lock a girlfriend in her bedroom for a day or so. This crime can occur under simple circumstances such as blocking the door when having an argument with your brother, mom or dad. You don’t have to imprison anyone with a lock and key to be charged with this crime. In a large number of cases we defend, men and women temporarily hold someone and are charged with Domestic Violence in addition to False Imprisonment. Read more examples of false imprisonment.

Aurora Lawyer for False Imprisonment – What is the Definition of this Crime?

Colorado law in Aurora and Arapahoe County defines False Imprisonment under C.R.S. 18-3-303 as:

“Any person who knowingly confines or detains another without the other’s consent and without proper legal authority commits false imprisonment.”

This can occur with a step child who wants to go out on the town against your wishes, your ex-wife, your girlfriend or boyfriend, or an angry neighbor. Notice that there is no time requirement – it can happen in a very short period of time, even 5 minutes.

Police officers and other law enforcement acting within their job are exempt from these charges.

Attorney for False Imprisonment in Douglas County – Advice on Possible Sentence for this Crime

False Imprisonment is normally either a class 2 misdemeanor or a class 5 felony. The class 2 misdemeanor version is punishable by up to a year in the Douglas County Jail. When force or threat of force are alleged against you, and the victim is held for 12 or more hours, then it is a class 5 felony. This level of felony has a potential 3 year prison sentence. Both of these elements: force and time, must be proven in order to be convicted of the class five felony False Imprisonment. Other sentences for a felony version of False Imprisonment include probation, community corrections, work release, or the Douglas County Jail. Misdemeanor crimes of this nature can include a county jail sentence, probation or work release. Your Parker or Castle Rock criminal defense lawyer knows the best route to take to minimize your possible punishment. Trust our attorneys to protect your future.

False Imprisonment Lawyer in Jefferson County and Golden

In Jefferson County, we handle cases where a husband has blocked a doorway so his wife or a roommate cannot leave the argument or fight. We have defended many other circumstances, where police officers in Jefferson County or Lakewood want to charge someone, but can’t imagine any other crime. In these and similar cases, the accused did not intend to break the law or hurt anyone, yet they still received this serious criminal charge.

Our False Imprisonment defense attorneys work hard to keep your criminal record as clean as possible. Help us help you by never speaking to police officers or sheriff deputies. Use your constitutional right to remain silent. Next, call our defense team at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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