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Internet Luring of a Child Douglas County Attorney Sting by Police – Denver Defense Lawyers Fighting Unjust Charges

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Criminal Defense Lawyers Know – Internet Luring of a Child Involves Police Pretending

We grow weary of seeing police behave inappropriately. Whether it is the Douglas County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office, or the Denver Police, the story is the same across Colorado. Officers and deputies entrap men and women into sexual discussions and then charge them with a serious sexual offense called Internet Luring of a Child. Children are never involved or put at risk – since police officers are pretending to be kids interested in sexual discussions and meetings. If you look carefully, you will see that law enforcement engages in these despicable acts because they have grant money from the federal government, and they must show results or their grant will not be renewed. So, they lie, cheat and steal to get women and men to invite a child under fifteen to meet for sex. Read more about how Internet Luring charges can be unconstitutional.

Entrapment and Police Stings in Denver and Jefferson County – Get a Good Defense Attorney

Police stings are not illegal. Entrapment is. Officers in Jefferson Count and Golden commonly enter adult only chat sites and engage people in sex talk. They let on that they are 13 or 14, and hint to the person they are trying to entrap, that they’d like to participate in sexual acts with the adult. Unfortunately, the conversation then gets pretty explicit. It ends when Denver area law enforcement is able to get the suspect to invite the child to meet for sex.  At that time, they pounce on unsuspecting men and women and charge them with Internet Luring of a Child.

Internet Luring of a Child Lawyer Adams County – The Elements and Definition

Located at C.R.S. 18-3-306, Internet Luring of a Child requires the use of a computer or cell phone text, and communication to a “child” believed to be under 15. Other forms of communication include social media chat rooms, video-game chat rooms, or email. Next, the person charged must describe explicit sexual conduct, and make some type of communication asking for a meeting with the child in Adams County. The reason for the invitation can be for any purpose, as long as the conversation first involved explicit sexual conduct. One defense is that the two parties involved were within 4 years of each other. This is one of the reasons police hang out in adult only chat rooms.

Arapahoe County Defense Attorneys Know – Computers are Not Anonymous

Computer users in Colorado have the impression that their use of the internet is private. It is not. Police can record, monitor and track everyone communicating on the internet. Your ISP number will lead police to your doorstep. Once they arrive at your home in Arapahoe County, they will have a warrant to take all of your electronic devices and search them. In many cases, they find illegal content which has been downloaded from across the world. Our best advice is to never chat on line, or speak on the telephone, with anyone who has “told” you that they are under fifteen years old. In nearly every case, it is a desperate police officer trying to maintain his job’s funding.

A Criminal Defense Attorney’s Best Advice: Keep Quiet

Protect your freedom. Never chat or text or talk with kids about sexual things. Police will entrap you and make you a victim of their sting operation. Internet Luring of a Child is a Felony. Keep quiet when police try and speak with you. They are trying to gather evidence and admissions to use against you in court. Finally, quickly call us at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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