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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Perspective – How Christmas is Unjust

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In over 25 years as a Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer, I’ve traveled across Colorado to places in the east and west like Yuma and Grand Junction; and the north and south from Fort Collins to Trinidad. Everywhere I go, judges and district attorneys preach the same message. Whether it is a crime of Robbery, Theft or Assault, the message is: Commit the crime, do the time. After all, they say, justice demands a punishment which fits the crime.

Why Christmas Sends a Different Message

The message of Christmas is different. It is unjust. Two thousand years ago, God sent his son Jesus to be born in humble circumstances, so that He could act as the sacrifice for all mankind. He lived a sinless life, and then died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. Each person on earth is given the same offer: accept the free gift of Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins. Accept Him and this gift, and live forever in heaven with our Father. Reject the gift of Jesus, and spend eternity in Hell apart from God the Father. An innocent man, died for you and me. How unjust.

The Problem with Christmas

Christmas is the celebration of this gift. The problem with an innocent man dying for the guilty is that it is unjust. Guilty people who commit offenses (like crimes) against our creator should die for their own sins. The punishment for sin is death. That is just. Yet our Father in heaven has sent his son Jesus to come and die a substitute death as the penalty for each of us. Has God gotten soft on crime and sin? There must be more to the story.

Love Triumphs Over Sin at Christmas

God has not abandoned His justice. Instead, with love and mercy, he has left His law intact and sent Jesus to fulfill the law which says death is the penalty for sin. Fortunately for us, we no longer have to pay the penalty for our own sin – God has given us a way out. Love has overcome sin and death. We now have an awesome opportunity. If we believe in God’s son Jesus, and accept Him as our savior, we can live with God forever. The substitutionary death of Jesus is our gift at Christmas. All we have to do is believe in Jesus and choose to accept His offer, His gift of life.

We Have Been Blessed at Christmas

Join our criminal defense lawyers in celebrating the unjust Christmas. This party is not about presents or Santa. It is about eternal life through the generous and loving gift of God the Father. We pray that you will see God’s offer for what it is – a way to have eternal life. God is not making this offer to stop you from having fun. He makes this offer so you and I can have the best life here on earth and in heaven with our loving Father. We hope you will say “yes” to Jesus this Christmas and accept Him as your Lord and savior forever. That is worth celebrating!

If you have questions about how to accept Jesus, call us at 303-731-0719. Together, we can participate in God’s loving offer.