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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Addictions and the Need for a Criminal Defense Attorney

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I have been amazed at the high percentage of criminal cases which originate in an addiction.  Here are the big three addictions we see in our criminal defense law firm practice in Denver and Arapahoe County.  First, we see sex addictions, second, alcohol addictions and third, drug addictions.  These are the big three.

Where do Addictions Originate?

After 25 years of being a criminal defense lawyer, I’ve seen that we live in a hurting world. People can be mean to us, we can be mean to others, and life in general can be hard.  To cope with this, we try and find something to relieve the pain.  We might start out with sweets or ice cream as kids, but we graduate to stronger substances as life’s challenges we face are tougher. While I know and try to practice healthy coping tools like exercise and relaxation, there are plenty of unhealthy ones available which carry negative side effects.  Those side effects often result in a violation of Colorado’s Felony or Misdemeanor statutes, and we are charged with a crime.

Sexual Addictions and How They Cause Us to Violate the Law

Sex feels good so we try and get more of it.  That is the bottom line. The problem is that once we become addicted to sex, we will go to great lengths to get it.  We will pressure a woman for sex, go on-line shopping for a sexual experience with a stranger, or, in the worst case, will we force someone to have sex with us.  Terrible consequences result when men and women climb over lawful barriers to inappropriate sex, like sex with a prostitute for money or sex with an underage child.  Sexual offenses like Prostitution charges and Sexual Assault on a Child charges result in Jefferson and Adams County, and jail or prison are possible. Men chatting on line about sex might end up violating laws like Enticement of a Child or Internet Luring.  Next, they are facing felony charges.  Read more about Internet Luring in Colorado.

Excess Alcohol Use is About More than a DUI or DWAI in Douglas County

While drunk, men and women do things they would never do while sober.  Alcohol tends to reduce their good judgment and inhibitions.  They fight while drunk, drive drunk, have sex with strangers and children while drunk, and trespass while drunk.  At one point in my career, 75% of my criminal cases were rooted in alcohol abuse.  Alcohol is fully legal and plentiful. As a result, we turn to it on a regular basis and suffer extreme consequences as a society.

Drugs – They Take Many of Us to Criminal Conduct

Drug use is a desperate attempt to feel good.  Our society is educated that drugs create dependency, but we don’t seem to care when we are hurting.  We just want relief.  Colorado’s new marijuana laws are not helping.  We see men and women who have lost their ambition to work, or be responsible to their families.  Marijuana is drug with real societal consequences.  It is also a familiar gateway to other drugs like meth, cocaine and heroin.  Similar to alcohol, when on drugs men and women do crazy things and ignore traditional warning signs.  In addition, when hooked, they spend all their money on drugs and do whatever is necessary in order to get more drugs.  They violate laws like robbery, burglary and theft, just to obtain their next fix.  They are enslaved to their drug of choice and lose control of their lives.

Each of these addictions result in criminal behavior of many types – it can be an angry fight or the trespass into a neighbor’s house by mistake.  Sex offenses are treated very harshly, and the government assumes sex offenders are a lifetime danger to society.  We strongly disagree with this and fight to preserve your life following a sex offense rooted in your addiction.

We are criminal defense lawyers in Denver, who practice all over Colorado.  We have assembled a team of treatment professionals from each of these addiction areas and will refer you for immediate help.  We don’t just defend you in the courtroom.  We care about your whole self and your future.  If contacted by police, never answer their questions.  Instead, call the best criminal defense attorneys at 303-731-0719.  Together, we can protect your future.