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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Douglas County Vehicular Eluding Defense Attorney, C.R.S. 18-9-116.5

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Imagine you are driving down the road and then there are flashing blue and red lights in your rearview mirror. You are on a busy road, so you wait to pull over until there is a turnoff from the main street. When the cop arrives at your door, he has his gun drawn. He starts yelling orders at you and telling you that you were trying to run from him. He states that his lights were on and he was following you for over a mile. Congratulations, you are now in a circumstance that many of our clients have faced. As attorneys who practice in Jefferson and Denver County, we see cases like this all the time called Vehicular Eluding. Read about a high speed chase Vehicular Eluding.

What Does Vehicular Eluding Mean in Douglas County?

The short version is that it means that you drove away from the police in Castle Rock, Lone Tree, or Parker when you knew that they were signaling or chasing you. In other words, you continued driving a motor vehicle when the police were trying to pull you over. As in the situation above, many people fail to see the lights flashing behind them and end up facing charges of trying to run from the police.

What is the Punishment for Vehicular Eluding?

Vehicular Eluding in Adams or Arapahoe County is classified as a class 5 felony. The crime carries a maximum punishment of up to three years in the Department of Corrections and a potential fine of $100,000.00. The other punishment which haunts many people is that the Department of Motor Vehicles in Colorado will take your driver’s license away from you for one year if you are convicted of Vehicular Eluding. Losing your license for one year can sometimes be a worse punishment for a person than going to jail for a couple of months. If you are like me, you rely upon your car to get you to and from work and you drive to many locations during the day. Without a license, a person’s career can be abruptly cut short.

A Class Five Felony With a Steep Punishment

Jefferson County Vehicular Eluding is a felony which will affect your ability to drive in Colorado, result in a felony conviction on your permanent record, and will leave you facing up to three years in prison. Because of the harsh punishments this crime involves, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in the Denver area to help you fight against the government. Your reputation and livelihood are at stake. So, if you or a loved one has been charged with Vehicular Eluding or running from police, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and call us for a free consultation at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.