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Escape from DOC While Serving an 18 Year Life Sentence

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When Serving an Eighteen Year Sentence Becomes a Life Sentence

Today, I read a story about a man in southern Colorado, near Pueblo, who was in the Department of Corrections prison system in Trinidad, serving an 18 year sentence. He had been released with a work crew, when he took off in a DOC dump truck driving through Kansas, where he was arrested three hours later. The man, who is 62 years old, must have considered his “life sentence” when deciding to take off. At the end of his sentence, he would be 80 years old. Although the man did not break out of prison in the traditional sense, he will still be charged with Felony Escape, C.R.S. 18-8-208, a class 3 or 4 felony. His “life sentence” just got longer.

The Definition of Escape in Adams and Douglas County Colorado

Escape is defined as: “the voluntary departure from lawful custody by a prisoner with the intent to evade the due course of justice.”

This man will likely face these serious charges because he left his place of lawful confinement – in this case with his work crew team. Any sentence to prison for Escape will need to be served consecutively to the sentence being served at the time of the Escape. And, there is mandatory jail or prison time for this crime.  So, if this man was serving an 18 year sentence and gets 5 more years, he’ll be there for a total of 23 years. Read more about Escape in Colorado.

Aiding Escape – A Serious Felony Too

Anyone who assists a person escape in Denver, Trinidad or Arapahoe County, whether in a small or major way, will be charged with Aiding Escape, C.R.S. 18-8-201. You can aide someone by loaning them a car, giving them a place to stay or by providing them the tools to break out of the Jefferson County Jail or Colorado’s prison system in Canyon City.

It is rare that someone trying to Escape on the spur of the moment will get away. Success only occurs with advance planning and help from others. Yet few people are willing to put their freedom on the line by helping an inmate get away from custody. Too much can go wrong and the penalties are pretty steep when the inmate and his helpers are caught. The persons helping will likely end up on prison themselves.

If you have been contacted by police concerning Escape allegations or charges, never answer their questions. You are only helping them convict you. Instead, call our hard hitting criminal defense attorneys at 303-731-0719. We offer jail or prison attorney meetings and visits. Together, we can protect your future.