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Buying and Selling Firearms in Colorado Just Got Complicated

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2015 | Firearms |

Everything Colorado lawmakers touch gets complicated.  This is the case with Colorado’s private firearms sale law, where buyers and sellers need to go to a professional gun store to complete their “private” pistol, rifle or handgun sale. Read about the details of our new gun law.  Under this law, private sales are now made public.

No More “Private” Gun / Firearms Sales in Colorado

Nothing about Colorado firearms sales is private.  A buyer and seller of a rifle or pistol, also known as a transferee and transferor (wasn’t buyer and seller clear enough?), now need to go to an FFL to oversee their transaction.  The Federal Firearms Licensed dealer will complete a background check and record the handgun transaction.  In addition to reporting the transaction as if it were from the gun dealer’s own inventory, they also need to report the denial of a CBI background check to the police.  The idea is that people trying to buy a gun, who should not be, will be caught and prosecuted.

Gun Registration is the Goal in Colorado

As a result of this new law, every gun sale can now be monitored by the government.  We are as close to firearms registration as you can possibly be.  This means that police are able to track who possesses guns.  When a crack down occurs following a big gun crime, big brother may come a knocking to confiscate your gun.  Under this law, the type of gun will be recorded.  It is a simple next step to gun confiscation.

We are committed to privacy in gun and firearms possession.  Nothing about big brother monitoring who has guns and who does not makes any sense. This law arose out of a helpless feeling following a mass shooting.  Shootings of this type are terrible and we all want to do something to prevent them from occurring again.  We oppose harming lawful citizens to prevent the unlawful from committing a crime.

Background Check Requirement for Guns Can Result in a Crime

Failure to follow these procedures when buying or selling your handgun or rifle is a class one misdemeanor crime in Jefferson and Arapahoe County.  The penalty can result in up to eighteen months in the Jefferson County Jail.  Never speak with police about your firearms / guns sale or purchase.  They are nevery trying to help you. Instead, call our gun rights attorneys at 303-731-0719.  Together, we can protect your future.