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Denver Sexual Assault Charges – Can a Lawyer Make the Difference?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2015 | Sexual Assault |

I cringe when someone calls about a Sexual Assault charge in Jefferson or Arapahoe County. Why? Because these cases develop a life of their own, usually based in a broken relationship. Plus, these matters don’t generally involve physical evidence – just an accusation. Unfortunately, District Attorneys and City Attorneys across Colorado don’t hesitate in these situations and routinely file cases on the word of their “victim” alone. No proof required. Men feel helpless as the full weight of our government is pressed against them. And, the stakes could not be higher as prison sentences can be for a lifetime if convicted of Sexual Assault.

Always Believe the Accuser – Don’t Use Your Brain

Sure, we have the occasional case involving a stranger sexual assault in Aurora or Castle Rock. But, over 90% of the time, we have a woman scorned by a man who accuses him of forced sex after the break-up of a relationship. Young women are taught that the police and district attorney will support them. Just yesterday I was told by a senior DA that he had just attended a national training where a core principle was to tell your “victim” that you support and believe her. To question her with any effort to get at the truth of the allegation, is to violate a fundamental principle in the industry.

Victim’s Rights Organizations Have Lawmakers, Police and District Attorneys Scared

Sexual assault organizations have begun to control our government from the top down. Legislators are afraid for their careers, so they vote for tougher laws. District Attorneys want to get reelected and the worst thing would be to have an organization which “protects women” lobbying against their reelection. Finally, a police chief could lose his job if a woman or victim’s rights organization criticized the handling of an allegation in Douglas or Adams County. The result? From the top down, administrators at these organizations have decided the safest course is to pass tough laws involving accusations of sexual assault and let a jury decide on guilt or innocence. No one can criticize a jury for how they voted. Read how revenge accusations of sexual assault are common.

Silence Will Set You Free

In close cases like these where the only real evidence is an accuser’s allegations and the denial by the defendant, small points make all the difference. Police are trained to ask leading questions related to guilt and to try and get admissions. They are not looking for the truth, like police do on TV. In many cases, officers will misquote our client and say they admitted to knowing the woman did not want sex or was too drunk to consent. So, never make any statements to police or others involved in the case – your life is at stake. Next, give the best criminal defense attorneys a call at 303-731-0719 today. Together, we can protect your future.