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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Police Officers & Courts: Look Out for #1

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In the legal business, police officers are the first judge people meet. Really. Arapahoe and Douglas County officers must make decisions on who to arrest and what crimes to charge. In a domestic violence situation, they will generally charge the man becaue this is safest. In a fight between two men, however, officers are torn with who to charge. The result? They often just charge both men because this is safer for their careers.

With Police Officers, Job Protection is #1

Police officers in Denver, Jefferson and Adams County are most concerned with keeping their jobs. If there is not a witness who saw how a fight began, sheriff deputies and police officers take the career safe move of charging both men with either Harassment or Assault in the Third Degree. It is simpler that way and they can’t be criticized for siding with one man over another. The result is that an innocent party usually goes to jail, must hire an attorney, and defend their good name.

District Attorneys and Court Personnel Have a Similar Policy

In the District Attorney world, criticism from a “victim,” judge or supervisor can result in the loss of a job. As a result, DAs will try and avoid dealing too generously with a defendant. They fear that a defendant may reoffend later, and critics will point a finger at them. We see this most often in cases involving domestic violence assault or harassment. These types of cases are volatile, with difficulty predicting men and women’s future behavior. Since emotions can cause angry outbursts, DAs fear a future murder or homicide where they might be blamed.

Everyone in the criminal justice system carries some element of the CYA (cover your …) mentality. This includes Denver Police, sheriff’s deputies, district attorneys, court clerks, judges, probation officers and treatment providers. Anyone charged with a crime must complete the difficult task of understanding the case from this perspective.  If you can do this, you will be more reasonable in your expectations.

Our attorneys have great experience working with everyone in the court system. We understand how to move people to help our clients and the limits of what is reasonable – whether it be permission to travel out of state or a modification of bond conditions. Always be smart, never talk to police, and call us for help 24/7 at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.