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Indecent Exposure Attorney for Douglas County, C.R.S. 18-7-302

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Indecent exposure is a sexual based offense where a person either exposes his / her genitals in a manner which causes alarm to another and the act is committed for the sexual gratification of any person. Another way is where a person performs masturbation and another person sees it, and the act is likely to cause alarm to the other person. An honest criminal defense attorney will help you fight these charges in places like Arapahoe, Douglas, and Denver County. When someone is convicted of Indecent Exposure in Colorado, they will have to register as a Sex Offender for a minimum of five years once their case is completed; the case is over once the entire sentence is completed. This means that a person is eligible to petition the court where their conviction occurred after five years. That five year period begins when they are released from jail or probation.

Registration and Jail

The registration process is cumbersome and costly. If convicted of Indecent Exposure in Adams, Broomfield, or Jefferson County, the maximum amount of jail time that you can receive for the charge is 18 months. A probation sentence could be much longer and would include a sexual offender evaluation and treatment. The government will decide the length of your probation and/or jail sentence.

Other Probation Considerations

If convicted of Indecent Exposure, you could be required to change jobs, relocate, or move to a completely different city. Your probation officer can even tell you that you are not allowed to have contact with your minor relatives, such as children and grandchildren. The government will force you to do these things if they feel that it is in the community’s best interest. The probation department in El Paso, Boulder, and Gilpin County has the authority to require you to do anything they deem as being rationally related to your rehabilitation.

So how can our criminal defense attorneys can help with a charges for a sex crime like Indecent Exposure, Sexual Assault on a Child (C.R.S. 18-3-405), or Unlawful Sexual Contact (C.R.S. 18-3-404)? We fight prosecutors in Parker, Centennial, and Longmont to get you the best possible result by arguing facts: showing that a witness is lying and carefully studying all the evidence in your case. We get statements from important witnesses and use favorable experts to prove your innocence.

So, if you’ve been charged with Indecent Exposure, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and call us for a free consultation at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.