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Photo Of Kyle B. Sawyer

Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Victims Call First and Win the Race to Lazy Police

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Did you know that the winner of the race to call the police first is generally going to be the “victim” in the police department’s eyes? The problem is, wimps, whiners and people with no spine call the police as a matter of habit to solve their problems. You’ve heard of the uninsured who takes themselves and their kids to the emergency room for a cold at everyone else’s expense? In criminal law, we have the same class of people in case like Harassment, Disorderly Conduct and Assault.

Lazy Police Officers are Part of the Problem

The police are partly to blame for this epidemic. They get lazy, and in order to resolve a case quickly, they just charge the first person accused with the crime. They don’t want any complaints to their supervisors by the person making the accusations. Next, the officers pass the case on to the District Attorney in Denver, Jefferson or Arapahoe County to manage the case in court. Unfortunately, DAs then want to “support” the police, so they do the same thing: blindly get behind the person listed as the “victim” in the police report. In most cases, the DAs barely read the police reports until just before trial. They push innocent people into taking a plea agreement without taking the time to get to know the facts.

Irresponsible People Call the Police too Quickly

This process greatly empowers those people who are quick to call police when they are in a dispute. It is like feeding a stray cat. They become conditioned to doing things the same way because it worked out for them. Good people don’t call the Arvada, Aurora or Lakewood Police when they have a dispute. Most of them are big enough to try and talk it out or to separate themselves from the situation until it cools down. Later, they talk it out and resolve issues. Not so with a bunch of people in Colorado. Our police, District Attorneys and courts are pampering a huge population of wimps and whiners at the expense of taxpayers who just want to be left alone. Responsible people in Adams County and Douglas County get charged with crimes they did not commit.

Finding the Truth Takes Investigation into Both Sides of a Story

Government workers like police officers and DAs need to study cases and not just take the word of wacko victim callers. Most times, all these officials need to do is simply talk to everyone involved in the case. In many criminal matters I handle, people tell me they witnessed the crime and officers did not want to speak to them. The officers talked to the victim caller and their friends, and had enough. Only when an experienced and thorough lawyer gets his investigator out in the field, is the whole truth known. This is a poor way for the government to process serious criminal accusations.

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