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Police Officers – Why You Should Be Nice to Them

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Police officers in Aurora, Parker and Arapahoe County are just like you and me for the most part.  They have families, own a house and they go to work.  Additionally, they like to get promoted, want more income and have biases. While we hope they keep their bias in check, this does not always happen.

Which of the two men do you believe will be charged more leniently by cops?:

  • The one who runs from police and is caught or the one who stops for them?
  • The one who calls officers a profane name or the one who uses “officer”?
  • The beligerant man or the respectful man?
  • The one who lies to officers or the one who remains silent?

Mad Police are Mean Police

Police and Sheriff Deputies are real people and when they are mad at you, they take it out on you.  These government employees are the first people you will encounter in the criminal justice system and they get to decide how to charge you and what bond amount you have to get out of jail.  In many cases in Douglas and Jefferson County, District Attorneys will not change an officer’s charging decision. Whether it is Unlawful Sexual Contact, Theft or Assault, these people really count.  If you have been caught, arrested or taken into custody by them, be polite and don’t make their job any harder than it needs to be.  They can and will punish you.  Whether it is avoiding higher charges or misrepresented facts in their police report, politeness can have a huge payoff for you.

Off the Record Means Police Lies are Hard to Prove

Police officers act behind the scenes.  Their decisions, reports and conduct are not done “on the record” as court hearings are.  They decide things at 2:00 a.m. in back allies, bedrooms of crying women and beside the road.  As a result, it is hard for a criminal defense attorney to challenge what they say.  Additionally, prosecutors and judges like the police and believe whatever they say.  These people rely on officers to file cases or they don’t have a job to do.  There is nothing to gain, and a whole lot to lose, by upsetting an officer.

The bottom line to remember is:  If Denver, Jefferson and Adams County Sheriffs and police find you humble, polite and respectful, you can greatly better your position.  Always exercise your right to remain silent and call our lawyers as soon as you are able, at 303-731-0719.  Together, we can protect your future.

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