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College Graduates and Avoiding Criminal Case

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The recent college graduation ceremonies of Metropolitan State University of Denver, the University of Denver, and CU Denver, are filled with tremendous optimism and excitement as young graduates complete their educations and seek employment. Don’t let a criminal case short change all your hard work in college.

The “real world” after college is filled with a ton of opportunities to fulfill the American Dream. Yet, it is also filled with risks you can’t imagine. After over 23 years of law practice, I want to offer some advice to young people in Denver, Arapahoe and Adams County. Here is a summary of my American Dream breakers, which lead to a criminal case and charges:

1. Birds of a Feather Flock Together: If you hang out with upwardly mobile people, you will become upwardly mobile. If you hang out with pot smoking and heavy alcohol drinkers, you will become one. People in this group have a much greater chance than average of being arrested for DUI, Assault or Disorderly Conduct.

2. Alcohol, pot and drugs kill ambition: We see many young people in our office using these substances. In most every case, they have a hard time functioning. They get up late, live in substandard conditions, and earn next to nothing. They feel helpless to escape their cycle. Use exercise and outdoor fun to overcome stress and have fun, not mind altering substances.

3. Sex has consequences: Apart from SDT exposure, sexual relationships bond men and women together. Strange things happen with this bonding, even in casual relationships. People start to get jealous when a partner moves on or experiments with others. Men and women tell lies of Sexual Assault to police to get back at “their” partner. In other cases, women with regret the morning after will make accusations to save face with family and friends. Save sex for marriage and avoid huge heartaches and criminal charges in Jefferson and Douglas County.

4. Ambition and hard work pay off slowly, but surely: Many people feel that doing things the hard way takes too much time to endure. So, they take shortcuts and pursue dishonest gain. Theft charges result. Be patient! There is no rule that you should have what your parents have after just a few years. It took them a decade to save for a house and buy a new car. Honest gain is solid and lasts. Dishonest gain is short-lived and carries pain, heartache and a criminal case.

5. People, not things, produce contentment and long term satisfaction. Don’t fall into the trap of buying things at the expense of relationships. Debt is stressful and can own you. Relationships without things is MUCH better than things without relationships. You can find fulfillment inexpensively in positive friendships.

If you make a mistake, get help from an experienced lawyer early on. Don’t rely on the advice of friends about your criminal case. In many instaces, a simple and free initial consultation with one of our criminal attorneys can put a matter to rest. Also, never give a statement to police. Remain silent. Then, call us at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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