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The Essentials of Enticement of a Child in Colorado

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I am not one of those blind government workers who say kids don’t lie about important things like sex. Children make false allegations all the time, and they are becoming sophisticated at lying. Once the matter gets to trial, Victim’s Advocates train kids what to say and how to say it. in Jefferson, Arapahoe and Douglas County, Enticement of a Child, C.R.S. 18-3-305, is a sexual allegation crime where district attorneys apply little scrutiny.

How Police Try and Set Up a Man

All a child (under 15) needs to say is that a man invited them to meet somewhere with the intent to have sexual contact. No proof is needed to file charges of Enticement of a Child in Adams and Denver County – just the child’s statement. This case often arises when law enforcement – police, DA investigators, and sheriff deputies – chat with an adult on-line, pretending to be a child under fifteen. The government will develop a conversation centered around sex, and make themselves available to meet. Suggestions from the cops like, “my mom will be gone”, “I’m all alone”, or “I hope to meet you sometime”, are common.

An Enticement of a Child Defense

On a positive note, sometimes officers fail to establish sex as the motive for the meeting. Remember, this crime requires an invitation to meet “with the intent to commit sexual assault or unlawful sexual contact upon said child”. If the man charged remains quiet and does not speak to police, lack of “intent” can be an effective defense. In these situations, officers may charge C.R.S. 18-3-306, Internet Luring of a Child, instead of Enticement, in Alamosa and Huerfano County. This crime does not require a meeting for sex; the meeting can be for any purpose, provided the chat or text conversation discussed “explicit sexual conduct”.

Be Safe by Remembering Age Limits

To be safe from Enticement of a Child and Internet Luring charges, men need to always be sure the “child” in the chat or text is older than 15. Remember, though, charges involving attempted sexual assault on a child might still remain with older kids. The best advice is not to meet any children who say they are under eighteen. Better yet, develop a relationship with a woman over 18 and get to know her before initiating any sexual discussions. After all, even adult women can try to send a man to prison.

We have had great success defending men who are charged with sex offenses for over twenty- three years. Always exercise your right to remain silent and call our lawyers at 303-731-0719, today. Together, we can protect your future.