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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Should you Allow Police into Your Home?

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You should never allow police inside your home when they come by to talk. They are not there to help you. They have come to see if they can gather evidence against you to charge you with a crime. Why give them the opportunity? Here are specific reasons why you should keep police in Denver, Lakewood and Aurora on the outside of your house or apartment:

First, the Plain Sight Rule

If police in Castle Rock, Thornton or Arvada are legally inside your home (with your consent to enter), anything in plain sight is fair game. If they see marijuana, illegal plants, a gun or anything which MIGHT be evidence of a crime, they will seize the evidence and use it against you. If the item itself is illegal, you will be charged with a crime. A messy house with kids around, children with dirt or food on their faces, or dirty dishes can be reason to charge you. Do you want Social Services / Human Services called? Why give the officers a chance to see if you might be breaking the law?

Second, Protective Sweeps for Officer Safety

Once Greenwood Village, Littleton or Westminster police are legally in a house, they are allowed (or they will just go ahead) to do a “protective sweep” of your house for “officer safety”. This means they will walk around your house and look anywhere a person could be hiding. They will search under beds, in closets, behind furniture, etc. Under the Plain Sight Rule, they get to see everything while doing a protective sweep. When you let them in just to TALK, they SEARCH.

Third, Formality Keeps You on Your Guard

When police are at the door vs. sitting at your kitchen table, you are much more likely to be on your guard and not accidently admit something you should keep secret. Keep it formal. Officers will not be able to create a false sense of security for you if you are standing at your doorway and they are outside.

If Police are Outside, You Remain in Control

I have seen several instances where police refused to leave when a homeowner became uncomfortable and asked them to leave. Officers start to threaten charges or to take kids if made to leave. They will invite other officers inside once one of them comes in and soon you are outnumbered. If you object, they will apply force and charge you with Obstruction of a Peace Officer. You lose control of the situation quickly if police get to come inside.

Always remain silent and call our criminal defense lawyers 24 / 7 at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.