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Santa Would Never Speak with Police Officers

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2013 | Police Officers |


Santa knows who’s been bad and good. And he knows that police officers in the Denver area have been very bad. I just watched a police interview which makes this so clear. The officer kept hammering my guy late at night in the interview room until he made some admissions. My client had indicated some incidental (unintentional) sexual contact with his daughter. This came from her jumping on him while he was on the couch. Another time, he was tickling her and accidently touched her between the legs as they were wrestling. The officer built on these admissions and eventually arrested my client at the end of the interview.

Police in Denver, Jefferson and Arapahoe County initially try and get you comfortable as they discuss children and any sexual contact. They offer up the idea that everyone has accidently touched a child during horseplay. Once they get you to admit to this, they start to speak about how that could innocently result in some feelings of sexual pleasure. They talk about how they would experience this, and how it is natural for any person to feel this way.

Of course, all police officers need to get you to admit to is that touch occurred for the purpose of sexual gratification – in other words, that it felt good. When a child is involved, this is a crime of sexual assault on a child and you could go to prison and be labeled a sex offender for life.

Men and women should never sit or stand talking to police who are “investigating” an allegation of sexual assault. Police officers see this “investigation” phase as their job to get the accused to admit to the crime, whatever it was. Officers approach the situation differently than we do. We think the officer is trying to get to the truth and determine what really happened. We talk with them hoping to direct them away from us as a suspect and offer alternative reasons a kid would be making such a serious allegation. Officers love this thinking and they make the most of it. They know it keeps us talking. The more words we speak, the more likely we will be tripped up and admit parts of the crime at different times during the interrogation.

Police are not after the truth. When a call is made to them, they try and gain evidence in support of the allegation. They believe their victim. It is foolish to talk with them under the assumption you will convince them of your innocence. 9/10 times you convict yourself. In sex crimes involving children in Adams, Douglas and Weld County, a lifetime of imprisonment is possible. Why gamble with your life?

If you hear from police or expect them to try and talk with you, exercise your right to remain silent and then call our experienced lawyers at 303-731-0719. That’s what Santa would do. Together, we can protect your future.