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Sexual Assault Charges Involving Kids Under 18

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2013 | Sexual Assault |

Criminal Sexual Assault cases involving kids as victims present many special concerns to criminal defense lawyers. In particular, we are faced with the task of countering two major preconceptions: 1) why would a child allege something involving sex if it were not true, and, 2) where would a child get knowledge of sexual contact if not from actual experience?

Why Children Make Allegations of Sexual Assault if Not True

In Arapahoe, Jefferson and Douglas County, we have found these reasons children make allegations of sexual contact / touch by adults, when it is not true: 1) Trouble – to get out of it or shift attention away from their wrongful conduct, 2) Drama – kids love it and their parents love it, 3) Attention – children love the way everyone circles around them when they have been a “victim”, 4) Revenge – to get back at someone who has hurt them – such as a boyfriend or parent and, 5) Exclusion – to get rid of a grandfather or stepfather who makes life tough on them. Police, District Attorneys and Victim’s advocates only fuel the problem. When a child makes these allegations, the child is not asked tough, probing questions to test their story. No one in government wants to be seen as unsupportive of children who have been harmed. They are afraid of the child rights crowd who lobbies against men and blindly subscribes to the notion that all men are evil.

Where do Children Get Knowledge of Sexual Subjects if not from Experience?

After 23 years of practice in Adams, Denver and Larimer County, we’ve learned that kids see and hear things which the child protective crowd can’t imagine. Since they lead responsible lives and shield their children from inappropriate influences, they think everyone lives that way. Yet we see and hear first-hand of young children observing live sex acts. Whether it is a story of going to the moon or “humping” with mommy’s boyfriend, once a child realizes her sexual story garners favorable attention from parents, family members, and police, the stage is set for the persecution of innocent men.

We are experienced criminal defense attorneys who practice law with our eyes wide open. We know children make allegations of sexual assault for reasons other than the truth. Kids lie and make up stories. We know that. You need a lawyer committed to your innocence who has been before the judge, prosecutors and juries many times before. Don’t regret that you settled for the “cheapest” lawyer when your life was on the line. Be smart, exercise your constitutional right to remain silent and call us at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.