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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

How to Choose a Lawyer for Your Criminal Defense in Denver

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When you are in trouble, you need help fast.  There is no doubt that choosing a lawyer or attorney in Arapahoe, Jefferson or Denver County is difficult.  I had to choose a medical doctor specialist and had little idea which doctor was good and which was bad.  Like the decision to choose a doctor, your choice can have life long consequences, so choose carefully.

Don’t Look for the Cheapest Lawyer

As an insider in my profession, I can tell you that most lawyers are reputable. You can generally identify the dishonest attorneys because they fall outside the norm in one or more areas.  For example, I know of a gentleman who charges much less than most lawyers, just to get you in the door. Then, after you’ve hired him, he demands more money to complete the case.  The tip off to a potential client (you) should be that he is charging way less than others.  So my first advice is: don’t be quick to hire the cheapest attorney in Adams, Douglas or Weld County.  You may get just what you are paying for, a cheap lawyer.

Come Prepared to Your Lawyer Interview

Next, come to a free consultation with an attorney with a list of insightful questions. Don’t come unprepared.  You should have enough questions for a thorough dialogue with the person who will be entrusted with your life. If the attorney can’t convince you of their thorough mastery of a crime and the court system where you are charged, they surely won’t be able to convince a judge or DA.  Dig deep and you will find what the attorney is made of.

Third, have reasonable expectations.  No matter what lawyer you have, if you have confessed to a crime, it will be a tough road ahead in Broomfield, Larimer or Summit County.  I have had clients upset with me for not getting them a perfect plea bargain, or for recommending settlement rather than trial, after they have destroyed the case by talking with police or by making admissions to others. Not all cases are created equal.

Visit More Than One Attorney

Finally, visit a few lawyers.  You will see a difference.  You will find an office which sets itself apart by the staff, the legal resources, the image you want to project, and an attorney you feel is capable and trustworthy.  Take advantage of free consultation offers like we make at the O’Malley Law Office, P.C.

If police want to speak with you, exercise your right to remain silent and call our experienced criminal defense attorneys at 303-731-0719 today.  Together, we can protect your future.