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Zimmerman Murder Lawyers Fight Prosecution and the Press

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George Zimmerman’s defense lawyers deserve a hearty congratulations for their Homicide / Murder acquittal. Not only did the attorneys fight the prosecution, they fought the media who constantly sought to stir public sentiment that this was a race case – not self defense. The media in Denver, Douglas and Arapahoe County are the same as those in Florida, seeking career advancement for having high ratings. If they can generate public outcry, they get a bigger audience.

I still remember the pregnant Denver reporter who ran after my client and me at the Jefferson County Court, accusing him of sexual assault on a child, and forcing her microphone into his face. She would run in front of him and stop every few feet, requiring him to go around. She finally cornered him again against a wall. She hurled insults, trying to provoke a response. I told the reporter she was an embarrassment to her profession.

Always Remain Silent with Police and Reporters

Whether Homicide, Murder or Sexual Assault charges, these cases underscore the importance of never speaking to reporters or police who pretend they are interested in the truth. Like police, reporters have motives which are not related to uncovering a defendant’s innocence. Ratings, like police officer careers, require convictions for cases with juicy facts.

Motives of the Police and the Press

The more high profile the charge, the more police and the media will take interest in Adams, Weld and Larimer County criminal cases. No one gets promoted over a DUI news story or arrest. Now if the DUI involves killing or hitting someone, then it is promotion material. Detectives and reporters start working the case hard, hoping for a conviction and career advancement. We’ve seen sexual assault on children cases where detectives and reporters do press releases to identify other kids who will say they were assaulted. The goal is not community safety – – it is a shameful attempt at career advancement. The bigger the case, the greater the notice of supervisors.

Self Defense was Ignored by the Press and Goverment

George Zimmerman is a lucky man. His lawyers were able to overcome the press and the prosecution. The government charged a quality self defense case in order to appease critics in the black community that this was a racially motivated case (ignoring Mr. Zimmerman’s extensive mentoring of black children). Even as the facts of the case revealed a good self defense, the case went forward.

Always be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and call our experienced criminal defense lawyers at 303-731-0719 today. Together, we can protect your future.