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Denial of Concealed Carry Permit – Denver Attorney

| Apr 16, 2013 | Concealed Carry |

The process to obtain a Concealed Carry Weapon Permit (or CCW) is overly complicated. If you are trying to obtain a permit, take a look at our Colorado Concealed Carry Permit page to help you get answers to your questions. If you have been denied a CCW, keep reading.

When someone is denied a CCW in Larimer, El Paso, or Broomfield County, they are left with questions about why they were denied. The Sheriff’s Department of your county can find many reasons to deny the permit. You need a Concealed Carry Permit lawyer in the Denver metro area to help. Most of the time, you will receive a statement from the Sheriff’s office stating the reason for your denial. It could be because of a violent past, alleged alcohol abuse, or simply because your background check produced an inaccurate criminal history.

If denied, you essentially have two options. The first is to ask the Sheriff to review your application a second time. When they do this, you’ll want to provide them with additional materials relating to the reason they denied you. For instance, if it is because of a prior criminal record, supply them with the information that will show you weren’t convicted of that crime or that the record no longer exists.

The second option is to have a full judicial review by a judge of whether you should have been granted a CCW. When you chose this path, the Sheriff in Douglas, Adams, and Arapahoe County has the burden to prove to the court that you do not deserve to have a CCW. For your case, you need to be prepared to argue to the court that you have the ability to get a CCW and provide documentation to support your claim.

People always want to know if an attorney is needed and if the attorney will be able to help. Our response is always “yes” to both questions. For the Sheriff’s review, an attorney can write a letter to the Sheriff highlighting your strengths and the reason you qualify for a CCW permit. This will aid the Sheriff in making a decision. When you have a judicial (court) review, an attorney who knows courtroom procedure can speak for you. Lawyers know what arguments will win with the judge and ensure you the best chance of obtaining your CCW.

Our experienced attorneys can give you the best legal chance to get your CCW in Boulder, Weld, and Denver County. So, if you have been denied access to a CCW, call us at 303-731-0719. Together we can protect your future.