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Crazy Mandatory Arrest Law – Domestic Violence in Colorado

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2012 | Domestic Violence |

If the police are called on a Domestic Violence case in Denver, Jefferson and Arapahoe County, someone is going to jail. Colorado has a law which says that arrests are mandatory once the police decide who is at fault. C.R.S. 18-6-803.6. With a profession like police work dominated by men, can you guess who is going to jail in 99% of the cases where a man and woman are fighting?

You guessed it, men are going to jail if they or a woman calls police, unless the woman admits she is the one who started the fight and hit the man. Of course, this assumes the man just stood there and did not hit her back. If he hits back, he will always go to jail. Faced with a cute woman in distress and the chance to be the night in shining armor, police “rescue” the woman every time.

With this crazy law, government is again trying to create a perfect world. The Colorado legislature fails to count the cost of men going to jail unnecessarily. They have bowed to feminist and victim’s rights organizations who believe that all men are evil and just waiting to hurt women. When a man goes to jail, rather than being sent to stay at a motel or a friend’s house, he misses work and gets fired. If he gets fired, he can’t pay his rent or mortgage and feed his children. If he can’t meet these basic needs for his family, the family goes to the government for subsistence. Yet, no one in government can see the big picture. They are frightened that some feminist will say they hate women, and that they will lose the next election.

Crimes like Domestic Violence Assault are not ok in Weld, Adams and Broomfield County. But not all “domestic violence” cases involve violence or a hint of the need for an arrest. Did you know that calling a girlfriend and hanging up on her is domestic violence and the law requires an arrest? Were you aware that yelling at a girlfriend can be domestic violence? As you can see (but the government cannot), laws like this mandatory arrest in all domestic violence cases is stupid, plain and simple.

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