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Colorado Sexual Assaults – Different Proof Issues

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2012 | Sexual Assault |

Denver Sex Assault Lawyer – Where is the Proof?

Colorado Sexual Assault cases have different proof issues from most cases.  In a Theft case, you have missing property which can be found.  In regular Assault cases, you have injuries.  In DUI cases, you have blood alcohol.  In sex cases, however, you often have no evidence.  Charges are brought by one person accusing another person of touching them sexually.  This breeds convictions based on who a jury believes, and some women are sympathetic “victims”, more believable than a man.  Certainly children are more believable.

Sexual Assault Attorney in Jefferson County – The Victim Plays the Biggest Role

These Sexual Assault cases turn into contests to build up or tear down the credibility of a “victim” or the accused.  I resent that we send men to prison based solely on the word of an angry exgirlfriend or stepdaughter.  Children are learning the power they have to exact revenge against a relative or stepfather. Worse, the government is supporting the plan of these children by not asking tough questions of their “victims”.  The “believe the children” crowd has permeated district attorney offices across Colorado, and innocent men are going to prison.

Lack of Evidence in Arapahoe County Sex Assault Cases

We need to ask ourselves why sexual assault charges don’t need evidence like other cases do. Are we afraid that men will abuse children and women with sexual touch if we stop prosecuting these cases which have no evidence?  I don’t think this problem will result.  More likely, DA trial budgets will be cut back, our prison population will level off, and tax payers will save millions not incarcerating the innocent.

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