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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Denver Police and Your Fifth Amendment Right to Remain Silent – Criminal Defense Attorney

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Denver Defense Lawyer and Miranda Rights

Denver Police and your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent from the U.S. Constitution and Miranda rights are constantly in conflict with any criminal charges.  Why? Because police know that anything you say can hurt your criminal case and they will try and question / interrogate you.

Police in Arapahoe County – Are They Interested in the Truth?

Our problem is that when we are accused, we naturally try and convince Arapahoe and Douglas County Police Officers that we’ve done nothing wrong. What you may not know, is that many police are 1) not interested in the truth, or 2) they believe the first person who told their story and the decision to charge you has already been made.

Police Motivation for Criminal Charges

Police in Denver, Jefferson, and Adams County are often motivated by factors other than the truth. For example, they may be in a hurry with only a few minutes to spend on a Shoplifting or Domestic Violence case. They want to write their report, issue a summons and be done with the case. Sometimes they have calls stacked back to back. Or, they may not like you for some reason and have no interest in finding another suspect responsible for a crime. It is simplest to just charge you. Finally, they may want a conviction statistic more than they want the truth.

Criminal Defense Lawyer – An Advocate for You

Another problem is that Colorado Police often believe the first person to call them. They decide who their victim is based on the case assignment from dispatch. They talk with this “victim” and make up their mind after only hearing one side of the story. As a result, they talk with you using a filter which only hears incriminating statements and interprets your words in a conviction oriented manner. They pretend to want to get at the truth only to keep you talking. They write down all the negative things you say and ignore the positive.

Doulgas County Police Are Not Your Friend

Somehow, defendants accused in criminal cases forget that police are experts in getting convictions and that they are not your friend. Convictions are their job and they are good at it. Only with silence can the accused stop police in their tracks.

If you have been contacted by police, exercise your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and call us at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.