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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Do You Need a Criminal Law Specialist?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2011 | Lawyers |

Do you need a criminal law specialist lawyer for your Denver, Arapahoe, Jefferson, Adams or Douglas County criminal case? That depends on whether your case involves specialized rules like the Rules of Criminal Procedure, knowledge of criminal case law, and experience working with District Attorneys. Do you want a lawyer who is used to cross examining police officers or one who is used to cross examining little old ladies? This decision is like asking whether you should take your Acura car in to a Ford dealer, or your Ford in to an Acura dealer, for service. An attorney who works with the Civil Rules of Procedure and files personal injury cases has no idea whether arraignment triggers a deadline for a Bill of Particulars. In fact, they don’t even know what a Bill of Particulars is.

Our lawyers are Criminal Defense Specialists, and criminal defense is all we do. I have been practicing criminal defense for over twenty years, and have seen hundreds of criminal cases. Most criminal cases require a specialist, due to the unique set of rules and circumstances we encounter. Over time, a criminal attorney specialist begins to instinctively apply criminal rules and knows which ones are successful under unique circumstances. Criminal Specialists learn what prosecutors like and don’t like, what juries like and don’t like, and what judges look for in making rulings on motions.

I was in a line at the Jefferson County Courthouse two weeks ago and the attorney in front of me was talking with the clerk about his client’s felony theft case. The lawyer was dressed nice and had an appearance of professionalism. The clerk advised him of a “DC” date. He asked her what that was. She told him it was the Dispositional Conference date. He still did not know what that was. This is one of the most basic components of a felony case. It was clear this lawyer was not a Denver Criminal Law Specialist, and had no idea what he was doing. His client will be harmed be their failure to hire someone who knows what he is doing.

Whether you are talking about an Aurora Dispositional Conference, a Douglas County Preliminary Hearing, a Jefferson County Bill of Particulars, an Adams County Motion in Limine, or an Arapahoe County Motion for Judgment of Acquittal, you need a Criminal Law Specialist. It is dangerous to have someone experiment and learn lessons at your expense. That is the reason we don’t handle bankruptcy or worker’s compensation cases. Criminal Defense is our specialty.

If you have been contacted by police or think you might, be smart, call a Criminal Law Defense Specialist today, at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.