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Photo Of Kyle B. Sawyer

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Pornography use in Colorado

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2011 | Internet Sexual Offenses |

Pornography use fuels the internet sexual offenses our firm handles, just as alcohol fuels our DUI cases.  It is very rare that our clients who have committed sex offenses did not begin, and maintain their unlawful sexual interest in close proximity to pornography use.  Another common fuel to a man’s libido is internet chat.  I am convinced that entry into sexually explicit chat rooms are a solid step toward the commission of a sex offense.

Like alcohol or drug use, pornography dulls the “common sense” alarm God put inside all of us.  We see men doing crazy, irrational things after viewing pornography – all in pursuit of a sexual high. In many cases, it does not even cross their mind that it might be a police officer on the other end of the email or text.  It does not cross their mind that they have just sent a sexually explicit email to an unknown person who says they are a child, and that a return address via one’s ISP is attached to that email. Nothing is anonymous when you are talking about internet use.

More specific to pornography, men (typically the ones charged) lose touch with their conscience and any warnings from good sense, once engaged in pornography.  They (we) start to think we are God’s gift to women.  I recently spoke to a man charged with Indecent Exposure in Denver, and he said that he thought all women wanted to see him naked.  Other men contact children by the internet and chat about sexually explicit things.  These men give invitations for sexual contact with fourteen year olds – oblivious that police can pose as children.  They give out their addresses or come and meet the “child” in another city.  My clients are then charged with Enticement of a Child in Jefferson County, or some similar internet sexual offense.  Finally, if really deep into this captivating habit, they seek out children for direct sexual contact, and risk their very lives and the lives of these children in the process.

These sex offenses hurt children and they hurt adults. Fueled by pornography, men forget what is important in life.  This pornography “drug” has been described as more difficult to quit than cocaine.  So, be careful when engaging in this “victimless” act . . . for you and others are always victims with pornography use.  Either through a change in the way a man views women or girls, or in direct sexual contact with a child or woman illegally, there are always victims with pornography.

Our firm regularly works with users of pornography and sex offenders in Denver, Lakewood and Centennial.  You don’t have to be charged with a crime for us to meet with you.  We can offer practical, cost free tools for discontinuing pornography use.  And, of course, we can offer helpful legal advice if you are charged with a crime.

If you are contacted by the police, be smart, remain silent, and call us at 303-731-0719. Otherwise, if caught by the pornography “hook”, give us a call too. Together, we can protect your future and the future of your family.