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Aurora Mother Charged With Child Abuse

| Sep 13, 2011 | Child Abuse |

The Aurora, Colorado mother of a toddler who died after being hit by a van recently, was released from jail after serving a week in jail and posting a $50,000 bond. She was arrested on a warrant by the Aurora Colorado Police department. The mother has been charged with Child Abuse (Neglect) Resulting in Death. According to 9News, the mother told reporters that she was inside on Facebook during the time of the incident. Her daughter exited the yard through a fence, that was obviously broken, and made her way in front of the van at the worst possible moment. When asked by the police who should have been with her child, the mother replied “well, it was me, obviously.”

The van was dropping off neighborhood children when the toddler and other children went out through a broken gate on their condo to meet them. The van’s driver felt a bump, soon realizing she had driven over the child. The child later died at Denver’s Children’s Hospital. The van’s driver is not being held responsible as both the driver and witnesses report there was no way to have seen the child.

After the incident, Aurora police investigated the mother’s condo. Aurora police found what they believed to be multiple hazards, such as unsanitary conditions, physical hazards such as a can of lighter fluid in reach of children, and a children’s pool with standing water.

When a person acts with criminal negligence and the child abuse results in death to the child, it is a class three felony. If the mother is found guilty of Child Abuse Resulting in Death, she could be facing between four and sixteen years in prison. Child abuse is considered an extraordinary risk crime, so if the sentencing goes poorly, she could be serving an extended period in the Colorado Department of Corrections. Even though she didn’t directly cause her daughter’s death, the prosecution will argue she didn’t provide enough supervision for her daughter, resulting in the child’s death. 18-6-401, C.R.S.

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