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Homicide in Kit Carson County Colorado

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2011 | Homicide |

In a recent homicide taking place in Kit Carson County, in Eastern Colorado, the parents of seven children were found shot to death, along with their two youngest children left in critical condition. The accused? Denver’s 7NEWS reports the parents’ 12-year-old son. The District Attorney’s office has filed two first degree murder charges against the son, and it is unclear what other charges will be brought against the boy.  Additional charges expected include two counts of first degree assault for the attacks on the boy’s siblings.

Community members are left asking why this tradgedy occurred. Family members report there were no indications as to why something like this would happen. Generally, in a Homicide case like this, a mental health evaluation of the boy will be performed to better understand any underlying motivations.  The defense may be considering use of such an evaluation for purposes of an insanity defense.  Evaluations of this sort are often used by the defense for mitigation in sentencing.

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