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Montrose, Colorado Babysitter Accused in Baby’s Death

| May 2, 2011 | Child Abuse |

In Montrose, Colorado, a babysitter has been arrested in the death of a four month old infant boy.  Maria Espinosa Zavala, 31, was being held on suspicion of manslaughter at the Marion County Jail.  Other potential charges include Colorado child abuse.

On December 31, The Denver Post reported that Zavala’s arrest in this Montrose, Colorado child abuse (manslaughter) case was related to an incident which occurred while Zavala babysat Angel Nieto on October 7.  Zavala made the call to the Montrose, Colorado 911 operator preceding the baby’s hospitalization.  Then, two days later on October 9, the infant was declared brain dead.  The Montrose County coroner concluded that the cause of death was “non-accidental trauma”.

Authorities in Montrose, County, Colorado, are not saying how they believe the baby was injured.  Montrose police officers at the scene of the crime reported no outward signs of injury to the infant.  The Montrose Colorado District Attorney’s office will be considering charges.  Cases of this type typically end up being litigated in the Montrose County, Colorado, District Court.

Although this story discloses few details as to why Ms. Zavala is being accused of manslaughter, it reminds people of the need to seek legal counsel immediately if they feel they might be accused of a crime in Colorado.  Manslaugher and child abuse charges are serious felonies when the death of a child in involved.  It is important for people to remember not to give statements to Colorado police in criminal cases, or their defense will likely be hindered.

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