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Hit and Run Death in Denver Colorado

On Behalf of | May 2, 2011 | Homicide |

A young man was tragically killed in a hit and run death (homicide) case in Denver, Colorado.  It was the victim’s first night on the job as a valet at The Rock Star nightclub in downtonwn Denver.

Jose Medina, 21, was helping a woman out of her car Saturday night when he was hit by a woman driving a truck who fled the scene after striking Mediana.  Three other people are being charged along with the driver in this vehicular homicide case.

As reported on KDVR-TV, prosecutors have filed felony charges against Norma Vera-Nolasco, 37, who is alleged to be driving drunk (DUI) when she allegedly hit Mr. Medina. Ms. Vera-Nolasco is charge with Colorado leaving the scene of an accident, two counts of Colorado vehicular homicide, and a count of Colorado criminal impersonation.  Ms. Vera-Nolasco was timely arrested in Phoenix while aboard a plan bound for Mexico.

Eliu-Montes Garcia, 28, who is believed to have been a passenger in the GMC truck with Vera-Nolasco, is also facing felony charges.  He faces charges in Denver of Colorado vehicular homicide, two counts of Colorado accessory to the crime, and Colorado leaving the scene of an accident.  Other suspects in the crime will face Colorado accessory to the crime charges and Colorado criminal impersonation charges in this hit and run death case.  There is initial evidence that all four suspects may have been living in this country illegally.

The Denver District Attorney’s Office is considering other charges against persons who helped hide the vehicle involved, destroy evidence, and to assist Ms. Vera-Nolasco leave Colorado in this hit and run death case.  The Denver District Attorney’s Office prosecutes felony crimes in the Denver County District Court, and misdemeanor crimes in the Denver County Court.

If you are facing a Denver, Colorado misdemeanor or Denver, Colorado Felony charges, remember, the key to winning is knowing who your opponent is.  Your first opponent is the police officers who will be trying to get a statement from you which they can use in your prosecution.  Remain silent, be smart, call us.  303-731-0719. We care about your future.