Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Terry’s Personal Statement

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In 1980, I was a student at Colorado State University, in Fort Collins. I was approached by a friend who invited me to an Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship Bible Study. I turned him down that was too radical for me. After two more invitations, I accepted the invitation to get him to stop bugging me. During the Bible Study, and after a ton of tough questions to my friend, I discovered the Bible is real and that Jesus Christ actually lived here on earth. This was the beginning of a great life adventure.

The gospel message in its simplest form is that: 1) we are separated from God due to our disobedience of Him, which is also called “sin”; 2) Jesus is God’s son who came and died to pay the price for our sins: and 3) if we accept the free gift of Jesus’ sacrifice, we can be reunited with God our father. Once we accept this give we can be assured that life can have purpose and we can be assured of going to heaven to live with God. We enter into the relationship we were created for.

I am now a Colorado Christian attorney in Denver, seeking excellence in all I do. To some, being a Christian might seem like having a divided mind, being passive or lacking focus. To me, it means having insight into how people think and behave, and having a standard of integrity far beyond what the world requires. While serving my clients, I am also serving God as a Christian lawyer. I am zealous in representing my God and my clients at the same time.

A Christian lawyer can identify with the core values of his Christian clients. We, as Christians, can accept that God desires justice. A Christian attorney owes his clients the very best the attorney can muster. This might mean achieving a dismissal of a case which should not have been brought by the government. In the event our clients have done something wrong, justice in criminal law does not mean walking in and pleading guilty. A Christian lawyer should find a solution within the structure of Colorado law to settle the case in a favorable manner. Most cases that I handle are overcharged and the government can be persuaded to settle for lesser charges. In the complex realm of criminal law, the difference between a plea to Charge A or Charge B can make a huge difference. That difference might determine whether a client can live at home, qualify for a job, have contact with their children, and stay out of prison or jail. A Christian attorney should give their clients absolute loyalty and excellence in the pursuit of justice. As a Colorado Christian lawyer I have been able to make a difference for my clients in each of these areas.

As a Christian attorney in Denver, Colorado, I have affiliated myself with a network of other believers through the Christian Legal Society. I am a member of the Denver Christian Legal Society and serve on its Board of Directors. This affiliation allows me to consult with other attorneys committed to excellence in all they do. If a component of my client’s case overflows into another area of practice, I am able to refer clients to other Christian lawyers in Denver or throughout Colorado. In criminal cases, divorce, immigration or civil liability concerns often arise. Having a list of friends to work with who are Christian attorneys in Colorado is very helpful and we can work well as a team for our client’s ultimate good.

I consider my Christian faith to be an asset in all I do as a lawyer. Please feel free to call me if you would like to work with a Denver, Colorado Christian attorney or feel like your values can best be protected by a Denver, Colorado, Christian lawyer. Email me at: [email protected].

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