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Denver ASUDS Test for DUI / DWAI Sentencing - What is ASUDS?

ASUDS-Test.jpgThe ASUDS DUI / DWAI Assessment Tool in Denver Courts

Following a conviction of Driving Under the Influence in Denver, judges and probation officers want to learn what type of alcohol or drug dependency the defendant has. For example, why put the driver in a level 2 alcohol class, if they need alcohol therapy? ASUDS was created to provide DUI evaluators, probation officers and judges with a good DUI assessment tool. It is used as a tool in an alcohol evaluation. There, those convicted of DUI / DWAI take the ASUDS test. DUI / DWAI in Colorado.

Denver Felony DUI / DWAI Increases Colorado Prison Population

Felony-DUI-DWAI.jpgFelony DUI / DWAI Responsible for State Prison Increase in Arapahoe County and Douglas County

Colorado state lawmakers learned recently that the previous trend toward decreasing Colorado prison populations has reversed. In the recent past, Department of Corrections population levels have been on the decline. Now, they are set to increase. Why? Unexpectedly, there has been a recent rise due to our new DUI / DWAI felony law in Arapahoe and Douglas County. Under that law, people who have had their fourth DUI are eligible for that charge to be made as a felony, with prison possible. Since the new felony law took effect in 2015, it is estimated that 500 men and women will now call DOC home. There is a total of 20,000 people in Colorado's prisons. If someone has not done well in treatment and is likely to get another DUI, many judges will simply send them to prison to keep the public safe.

DUI / DWAI and Useful Public Service, C.R.S. 42-4-1301.4, in the Denver Area

Adams County Judges Add Useful Public Service to Every DUI / DWAI Sentence

DWAI-DUI-1.jpgAnyone convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI), or Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), C.R.S. 42-4-1301, in Adams County or in any County within Colorado may, as part of his or her sentence, be ordered to complete Useful Public Service (UPS). Useful public service is also referred to as Community Service and it involves taking your personal time to work for an approved not for profit organization free of charge. UPS is ordered by the court and is not optional. Also UPS costs money to do! Yes, the public service work requires a fee to supervise you and to pay for insurance in case you are injured or injure someone while working for free to pay your debt for a DUI / DWAI conviction.

Felony DUI / DWAI Punishment Lawyer - Denver DUI Attorneys and the New Law

Felony-DUI.jpgColorado Felony DUI Attorney - What Qualifies for this Felony Alcohol Charge?

Our criminal defense lawyers have previously written about the Felony DUI law in Denver and across Colorado. The heart of the new law is that if you get a fourth DUI or DWAI (or some other major traffic offenses), you can be charged as a felon. DUI / DWAI 1-3 will be charged as misdemeanors, with a maximum criminal sentence of one year in the Denver County Jail. Prosecutors and Deputy District Attorneys can still charge DUI #4 as a misdemeanor if they desire.  Read more information on Colorado's Felony DUI law.

DUI / DWAI Charges Lawyer in Douglas County, How Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

DUI-DWAI-Charges.jpgDUI / DWAI charges in Douglas and Arapahoe County are difficult to manage and navigate on your own. From BAC to the legality of being pulled over, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you know how to fight the government's charges. Having the right criminal attorney can mean a huge difference for your case. Let's start today by studying the basics of fighting a DUI or DWAI charge. Read about Colorado's Felony DUI law.

Labor Day Celebration and a DUI / DWAI

This time of year, many of us celebrate hard with a special day off work. Labor day is the end of our summer season and many want to end it well by drinking too much. Hopping in the car or on your bike after a day of partying is a sure way to wake up depressed in jail tomorrow with a DUI / DWAI. Drinking and driving arrests in the Denver metro area for Driving While Ability Impaired by Alcohol (DWAI) and Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI), spike this day.

First Time DUI / DWAI Could be a Denver Felony

Felony DUI Messyness in Colorado

Starting August 5, 2015, Colorado will have a felony DUI-Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol law on the books. While many DUI / DWAI or drinking and driving victims in Adams and Jefferson County are happy, I am concerned that we've given in to the hysteria of the moment and created a law which can get messy. Here is why:

Changes to Denver DUI / DWAI Laws that Affect Driving Privileges

You Can Now Get Reinstated Sooner from your DUI / DWAI

In Arapahoe and Douglas County, defendants charged with DUI / DWAI want to know whether they will be able to continue to drive. Defendants usually have to deal with the criminal case separate and apart from any ramifications that occur at the DMV. They are two separate matters. Fortunately, recent changes to DUI / DWAI laws in Colorado make it possible to reinstate your driving privileges early. Read more about DUI / DWAI Facts in Colorado.

Felony DUI / DWAI at the Colorado Legislature

Colorado's law makers are struggling through the process of amending our state's DUI / DWAI laws to make Driving Under the Influence a class four felony, if a person has three prior misdemeanor DUI's or DWAI's. Whether in Denver or Adams County, men and women who drink are not going to be deterred by whether this criminal offense is a felony or misdemeanor. I think the discussion is more intended for someone's reelection vs. the safety of Colorado drivers.

Caught by a DUI / DWAI Checkpoint New Year's Eve? What to Do in Denver

Car-DUI-Wine.jpgYesterday was New Year's Eve. Typically, celebrations to ring in the New Year include alcohol, food, and friends. But, sometimes the night's revelry includes being arrested for DUI / DWAI in Denver, Jefferson, and Adams County. This is because the police in Littleton, Aurora, Centennial, and across the Denver metro area are on high alert, and have set up DUI checkpoints throughout the city. If you were caught by a DUI checkpoint, there is something you need to know: If the police didn't abide by a few key rules, any arrests made at the checkpoint are not legal, and any charges filed could be thrown out of court and dismissed.

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