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Photo Of Kyle B. Sawyer

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Jefferson County Jail

Jefferson County Jail And Detention Facility, Golden, Colorado

The Jefferson County, Colorado Jail, also known as the Jefferson County Detention Facility, is located at 200 Jefferson County Parkway, in Golden, Colorado, just a block northeast of the Jefferson County main county courthouse. The jail is run by the Jefferson County Sheriff and can be reached at 303-271-5444, or by visiting their website. Our office provides 24 hour attorney jail visits to the Jefferson County Jail.

The jail will permit bail/bonds to be posted as surety bonds, property bonds and cash bonds. There is always an additional $10 bond fee and a $40 booking fee (for the privilege of being arrested). Sometimes, with the approval of the court, a personal recognizance bond is permitted. Remember, when using a surety bail bondsman, you pay a rental fee and do not get this money back. If posting a cash bond, you get all your money back except the bond fee and booking fee. If acquitted, you can get your booking fee back.  See our Bail/Bonds page for more information.

Inmate Funds

Inmate funds can be put on an inmate’s books by visiting the jail with cash, U.S. Postal Service money orders, cashier checks and certified funds. You can also go online to Access Corrections and create an account fillable by your credit or debit card (fees apply). Next, you can call 303-271-5444, and add money (fees apply). Last, you can send money by Western Union.

Inmate Mail – Jefferson County Detention Facility

Inmate mail should be sent to: Inmate’s Name, P.O. Box 16700, Golden, Colorado 80402-6700. All mail is searched and the contents given to the District Attorney if helpful to their prosecution. Don’t discuss a pending criminal case or witnesses in jail mail. No more than 3, 4×6 or smaller photos are allowed. No Polaroid pictures are allowed. No books, magazines, stickers, stamps, envelopes, paper or other items can be sent. Contraband cannot be admitted to the facility.

Inmate Visits At The Jefferson County Jail

Inmate visits are in person at the Jefferson County Detention Facility. Minimum security inmates receive two visits each week, and medium and maximum get one visit. Visits are allowed daily between 9 to 10:30 a.m., 1 to 4 p.m., and 7 to 8:30 p.m. When you come in person, you must present identification. Your criminal history and warrant status will be checked. No phones or cameras are allowed. Three people are allowed per 30-minute visit at the Jefferson County Jail. All visits are by telephone through the glass, and are recorded to prosecute the inmate. So, don’t speak about the inmate’s case at all.

Collect phone calls from inmates are allowed provided the inmates have funds on their account to cover the cost, and provided you have set up an account to receive these calls. Visit Securus Family and Friends to set up this account.

Work Release At The Jefferson Jail, Golden, Colorado

This jail provides the option for work release sentences if approved by the court. There is an application process that must be completed in advance of your sentence. Proof of employment is mandatory. Be aware that there is a cost for participation in work release, and in many cases, a substantial amount of money is required upfront. Make all arrangements well before sentencing, or you may not get work release or may have to sit in jail for a couple of days.

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