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Photo Of Kyle B. Sawyer

Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Jail And Prison Life

Life In A Colorado County Jail Or Prison

Once a person enters the county jail population following their arrest in Adams, Douglas or Jefferson County, they focus on getting out or doing something to better their position until their case is resolved.

Bail/Bond for Release from Jail

Bonding out or Posting a Bail/Bond is the process of posting money with the court as security for the inmate returning to court until they are sentenced. Credit cards can sometimes be used for this purpose. At the time of sentencing, the bail/bond will be released. Someone can post a cash bond or a surety bond in Denver, Arapahoe, Broomfield County. After the case is resolved and provided all the terms of the bond are met, the cash bail/bond money posted is returned. With a surety bail/bond, a person rents the money from a bondsman. The rental fee is generally 15% for smaller bonds and 10% for larger bonds. This rental fee is not returned.

Because inmates feel helpless, they try and better their position by talking with other inmates. We often do an Inmate Jail Attorney Visit and are amazed at all the information an inmate has given and received with other inmates. Unaware that other inmates are given deals on their case to get information from other inmates, the inmates reveal incriminating details of their offense. This information is then given to the District Attorney in Weld or Larimer County.

Inmates talk about their cases and develop expectations identical to what they heard other inmates received. We hear comments like, “why can’t you get me probation like another guy who had these charges got.” Inmates fail to realize that each case, and each person’s criminal history, are unique.

Jail And Prison Programs

County jail inmates often complain of boredom compared to prison inmates. County jails are smaller and lack the space and educational programs of prisons. If a jail provides GED classes, this is a great time to obtain further education. Inmates have plenty of time to read and write in a jail or prison facility. Money you place on an inmate’s books/account can be used to purchase paper and a pencil, food, or personal hygiene items. However, be aware that many jails and prisons will take a percentage of this money to pay for booking fees, restitution and court costs.

Earning Money, Earning Good Time Credit

Inmates can be classified as Trustees and gain additional time off their sentences. This usually cannot be done until the inmate is sentenced by a judge. Once classified as a trustee in the jail, the inmate can do jobs such as custodial work or kitchen food prep and cleaning. In prison, it is possible for inmates to obtain jobs and be paid for their work. Although they might only receive a dollar a day, it is better than nothing and helps pass their sentence more quickly. Sometimes, a portion of this money is taken by the government to pay for fees owed by the inmate.

Medical Care In Jail/Prison

While medical care is available to inmates, don’t expect the inmate to be given narcotics or expensive medications. Jails are notorious for giving Tylenol for pain following surgery, even if a doctor has prescribed powerful pain killers. Jails are worried about inventory control and the cost of expensive or addictive medications. They simply don’t care that a cheaper or less powerful medicine is less effective. In rare circumstances, we have been able to get a judge to order the jail to provide medicines provided by an inmate’s family.

Jail and prison life is boring. Inmates have little contact with the outside world and are frustrated with their life on hold. Contact our experienced criminal defense lawyers at 303-731-0719, if your family member has an ongoing criminal case. Together, we can protect their future.

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