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Sentencing Ranges and Terms in Denver, Colorado Courts


How Does a Judge Decide the Sentence in a Criminal Case?

Criminal Sentencing in Jefferson County, Colorado courts, is difficult to predict. Sometimes, judges fly off the handle and give a long sentence for a crime. Other times, you wonder if the judge cares about the crime at all. Let's look at the important points a judge looks at to determine a sentence for a crime in Arvada, Wheat Ridge and Lakewood, Colorado.

Crime of Violence with Mandatory Sentencing in Arapahoe County

Mandatory Sentencing in Douglas County, Colorado, for Crimes of Violence: Attorney's List

Some criminal law crimes in Douglas County are seen as so harmful and violent, that they are classified as Crimes of Violence and require a mandatory sentence to prison. Generally speaking, law makers in Colorado want to be certain offenders go to prison, and have taken discretion away from Arapahoe County judges to give a county jail or probation sentence. Here is the required sentencing under the crime of violence law:

Sentencing for an Extraordinary Risk Crime - Douglas County Lawyer Explains

Extraordinary-Risk-Sentenci.jpgCastle Rock and Parker Extraordinary Risk Crime Defense Attorney

Some crimes have been classified as having an added risk level to the public - so much so that they are thought to deserve greater jail or prison sentencing. Instead of just a bad punishment, they get a really bad punishment. The key point is not to commit or to not plead guilty to these crimes, or you may get a longer prison / jail sentence. The best criminal defense lawyers know how to avoid facing this strict sentencing law. Colorado Court Sentencing Hearing.

Home Detention vs. Jail Sentencing | In-Home Detention or House Arrest in Denver and Arapahoe County

Home-Detention.jpgHouse Arrest and Home Detention in Arapahoe County and Denver

There are three names for the same sentencing option in Denver: Home Detention, In-Home Detention and House Arrest. Each of these involve serving your Arapahoe County Jail sentence at home, rather than at the jail. People often ask for Home Detention, but few get it. Let's discuss this idea so everyone can better understand how this sentence works and what is possible.  More about Felony and Misdemeanor Sentencing.

Sentencing: How Long is the Length of Possible Jail and Prison Sentences in Denver and Jefferson County?

Sentencing-Length.jpgHow Many Years Sentence in Jail or Prison in Denver and Jefferson County, Colorado

Our criminal defense lawyers are often asked about the possible sentence length for a crime in Colorado. The length of any Denver County Jail sentence or Jefferson County Jail sentence, can be complicated. The same goes for felony crimes where Sentencing to the Colorado Department of Corrections is possible. The starting point for determining or estimating any sentence length, is to decide whether the case is a felony or misdemeanor, and then to learn the class of the felony or misdemeanor.

Prison and Jail Sentencing Ranges for Colorado Criminal Convictions

When men and women are convicted of a crime, at sentencing a judge must decide whether to give a prison or county jail sentence. Judges are sometimes required by the law or circumstances to impose a period of incarceration (county jail or prison) rather than probation. Here are some general guidelines on the sentencing ranges judges have to choose from.  Read more about Concurrent and Consecutive Sentencing when more than one conviction is possible.

Felony Sentencing and Sentences for Colorado Crimes

Colorado has a Sentencing scheme set up to punish the more severe crimes like Murder, Sexual Assault and Kidnapping, more severely.  These are typically classified in Jefferson and Adams County as class 1, class 2 and class 3 felonies.  Less serious felony crimes like Menacing, Assault and Forgery may be classified as class 4, class 5 and class 6 felonies.  Read more about Concurrent vs. Consecutive Sentences.

Habitual Criminal Laws Quadruple Sentencing Across Colorado

In Jefferson, Arapahoe and Denver County, the District Attorney may file or threaten to file Habitual Criminal charges to force a defendant to plead guilty - regardless of the strength of a new case - when the defendant has multiple prior felony convictions.  Otherwise, the defendant could have a really bad sentencing experience.

Pregnant Victim? Special Criminal Colorado Sentencing

pregnant-victim.jpgWe often see cases where men and women get into arguments which turn physical. Typically, no one is using a weapon. Instead, they yell and throw things, push and shove, and grab and slap. Although emotions are high, no one is seeking to cause serious injury to the other. If a woman is pregnant in these situations, lawmakers in Jefferson, Adams and Larimer County have increased the sentencing and potential punishment for several crimes.

Concurrent vs. Consecutive Sentencing in Colorado

When a defendant is convicted of more than one offense, a sentencing court has discretion to impose consecutive or concurrent sentences. Consecutive sentences are back to back, meaning they don't overlap while being served. You must finish one before beginning to serve the other. Concurrent sentencing for a felony or misdemeanor committed in Denver, Jefferson or Douglas County will permit the defendant to serve sentences at the same time - or overlapping.

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Case Results:

  • Sexual Assault and Rape charges related to divorce. Acquittal from jury trial. Weld County, Greeley, Colorado.
  • Sexual Assault on a Child, Possession of Child Pornography. Acquittal from jury trial. Jefferson County, Golden, Colorado.
  • Arson of Nursing Home. Dismissed by Court on Defendant's Motion to Dismiss. Jefferson County, Golden, Colorado.
  • Felony Drug Distribution. Acquittal from jury trial. Boulder County, Boulder, Colorado.
  • Rape and Sexual Assault charges involving divorce and child custody. Acquittal from jury trial. Douglas County, Castle Rock, Colorado.
  • Burglary and Felony Theft. Dismissed by District Attorney. Arapahoe County, Englewood, Colorado.
  • Theft of Drugs by Nurse. Dismissed by District Attorney. Jefferson County, Golden, Colorado.
  • Sexual Assault on a Child, Position of Trust. Acquittal from Jury Trial. Adams County, Brighton, Colorado.
  • Domestic Violence. Dismissed by District Attorney. Douglas County, Castle Rock, Colorado.
  • Violation of Restraining Order. Dismissed by District Attorney. Douglas County, Castle Rock.

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