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Photo of Attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC

Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Aurora Criminal Defense | Sawyer Legal Group

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Criminal Case, Criminal Defense Attorneys |

When it comes to allegations of criminal activity in Aurora, Sawyer Legal Group has the experience and results that deserve a defendant’s attention. Whether your case is in Aurora Municipal Court or Arapahoe County, our highly-rated defense attorneys have a better chance of getting the charges reduced or even dismissed than one would trying to represent themselves or being assigned to a public defender. We often see individuals overcharged or falsely accused of crimes in Aurora, Centennial, or Englewood due to law enforcement’s attempt to appear tough on crime. Don’t jeopardize your future. Contact Sawyer Legal Group today.

Aurora Municipal or Arapahoe County?

Being the third largest city in Colorado, it may be confusing as to why your specific case is being handled in municipal court or county / district court. Many traffic violations, petty offenses, and misdemeanors that occur within Aurora’s city limits are handled by city attorneys in Aurora Municipal Court 303-739-6444.

All other criminal cases that occur in and around Aurora are handled at the Arapahoe County Justice Center 303-645-6600. District attorneys prosecute these cases and they’re usually more serious in nature than those in municipal court. Felony offenses in Aurora won’t be handled in municipal court and will go directly to Arapahoe County.

Penalties for Crimes in Aurora, CO

Whether you’ve been charged in Aurora Highlands or Aurora Hills, our east Denver attorneys are here to help. Recently, the penalties for a conviction for a misdemeanor or petty offense in Arapahoe County court changed:

  • petty offense – up to 10 days in county jail / fines of up to $300,
  • class 2 misdemeanor – up to 120 days in county jail / maximum fine of $750,
  • class 1 misdemeanor – up to 364 days in county jail / maximum fine of $1,000

Penalties in municipal court may look different. Additionally, felony offenses in Arapahoe County can include a prison sentence, much higher fine amounts, and a period of parole.

Top Aurora Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been contacted by the Aurora Police Department or Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office regarding criminal behavior there’s no time to waste. Contact our experienced criminal lawyers for a free, confidential consultation. We will carefully analyze your case, answer your questions, and guide you through next steps. We don’t encourage our clients to take the first offer or accept terms that jeopardize their freedom just to get a case over quickly. Our priority is the best possible outcome for you, your family, and your future. That means we go to work on your case right away and don’t stop until each of our strategies have been utilized. With affordable fees and flexible payment plans, skilled representation in Aurora, Greenwood Village, Centennial, and Englewood is a click or call away.

Don’t talk to Aurora Police about criminal charges – talk to us. 303-731-0719

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