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Trespassing Lawyer in Adams County | Unlawfully Entering or Remaining

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Trespassing in Adams County, Colorado involves unlawfully entering or remaining on another’s property. Charges often depend on what type of property a person entered and their intent for doing so. Choosing to ignore those posted signs or strolling through backyards in a neighborhood can result in significant criminal charges. Finding the right trespassing lawyer is crucial when facing charges of entering or remaining on someone’s property without authorization. Look no further than Sawyer Legal Group, LLC for representation in your case.

Colorado’s Degrees of Trespassing

There are three different levels of criminal trespass in the state of Colorado. Third-degree trespass is the least severe and usually involves entering or remaining in another’s property that isn’t a dwelling or vehicle. Walking on someone’s land marked private property is an example of this level of trespassing.

Second-degree trespassing is a bit more serious. Going on property with a clear barrier such as a fence, remaining in common areas of hotels and apartments, or entering another’s vehicle without permission can lead to this specific charge.

Finally, first-degree trespassing is the most serious form of criminal trespass in Colorado. This offense involves unlawfully entering or remaining in someone’s home (house, apartment, condo, etc). Additionally, going inside another person’s car to commit a crime is considered 1st degree trespassing. Common examples of this crime include trying to steal something out of a van or truck.

Is Trespassing a Misdemeanor or Felony in Adams County?

Trespassing in Colorado ranges from a petty offense to a class 5 felony depending on specific facts of each case. Therefore, the following penalties can apply for conviction:

  • probation and fines,
  • county jail time,
  • or up to 3 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections

This is an especially wide range of consequences that mostly depend on the type of property you allegedly entered and your intent.

Adams County Trespassing Lawyer

Just because you’re under investigation for trespassing or you’ve been charged, doesn’t mean you’re guilty. Fighting the allegations requires expertise and knowhow from an experienced criminal defense attorney. We have over 40 years of combined experience defending clients facing trespassing charges in Thornton, Brighton, and Commerce City.

Perhaps you had authorization to be on the property, you weren’t aware you were entering private property, or there was no intent to commit a crime. Nevertheless, contact one of our conveniently located offices today for a free initial consultation. We will thoroughly analyze your unique trespassing case and suggest next steps in your defense.

If you or someone you know has been charged with trespassing in Colorado, be smart. Contact the determined criminal defense lawyers at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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