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Domestic Violence Lawyer – Assault + Harassment in Arapahoe County

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Assault and Harassment Domestic Violence Lawyer for Arapahoe County, Colorado

Defense lawyers frequently see charges of Domestic Violence Assault and Harassment in Arapahoe County. Aurora Police are called more often for Domestic Violence than for any sort of charges. Of these charges, Assault and Harassment come in 2nd place for a tie. This occurs because of the nature of intimate relationships, where lovers get into arguments – where pushing, slapping or hitting come next.

Domestic Violence with Mandatory Arrests Across Jefferson County, Colorado

While well intentioned, one of Colorado’s dumbest laws is that someone must be arrested upon a Domestic Violence call to police. The Jefferson County Jail is full of men and women who were never a threat to the safety of their spouse or lover. Imagine the woman who slaps a guy for calling her a profanity. Then, when he won’t quit, she calls police. They arrest her for the physical contact and do nothing to the man. A simple solution would be to have her leave the house for 24 hours, but the law does not permit smart thinking. Instead, fill the jails unnecessarily.

Arrested for Domestic Violence in Castle Rock / Douglas County? – Call a Criminal Defense Attorney and Be Quiet

Since an arrest is mandatory in Castle Rock and Douglas County, you need to be smart and quiet once cops arrive. Before you are arrested, they will try and question you, so they can better prove their case at trial. We like to think officers want to learn the truth, but their motives are never that simple. We’ve seen cases where they arrest both the husband and the wife!

Adams County Assault and Harassment with Domestic Violence – Which is Worse?

In Adams County Courts, Domestic Violence Assault is a class one misdemeanor, with a possible jail sentence of two years. Domestic Violence Harassment is a class three misdemeanor in Northglenn, with a potential six months in jail. There is a fine line which one Wheat Ridge police charge, but generally it is decided if officers can get their “victim” to say they experienced pain from the act.

Best Denver Attorney for Domestic Violence

Denver’s best criminal attorneys for Domestic Violence know how to pull apart a weak Denver Police criminal case. We examine every element of a criminal charge and show how witnesses for the government have not fully proven their case. Never help them convict you by talking with them. You will be misquoted. Call our Denver lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.