OJW - Outstanding Judgment Warrant

OJW - Outstanding Judgment Warrant in Jefferson and Arapahoe County - a Lawyer's Explanation

On occasion, you may be informed that your driver's license has a hold on it, or an Outstanding Judgment Warrant (OJW). This means that your Colorado driver's license is suspended. In order to fix this problem, you must provide the Department of Motor Vehicles with a clearance letter from the court which issued the OJW. Next, you must pay a reinstatement fee.

OJW - Outstanding Judgment Warrant in Douglas County: Where do They Come From?

Any time you have a traffic ticket in Douglas County, Colorado or in another state, and you don't complete the requirements from the court, your license will have a hold placed on it. We can use the word "hold" or "warrant" or "suspension", among other names. They all mean the same thing: your license is not in good standing. Since we all need to drive, the government leverages your driver's license against their desire for you to pay court fines and resolve traffic matters.

Out of State Traffic Tickets and the OJW in Denver

Even if you have a traffic ticket from another state, such as Arkansas, your failure to resolve a traffic ticket there can impact your Colorado driver's license. Colorado and other states have joined forces to enforce each other's traffic laws, through an Interstate Compact, called the Driver's License Compact. This state law essentially says that a hold will be placed on your Colorado driver's license if you do not resolve a Colorado or other state's traffic citation.

The Driver License Compact - What is it and How Does it Work in Adams County

Today, 46 states are members of an agreement to enforce one another's traffic violations and laws. Those states who do not belong is a small list: Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Since it is impractically expensive to extradite people for their failure to appear on a traffic ticket, states have agreed to NOT allow you to legally hold a license in their state if one of the member states has an unresolved traffic matter with you. The theme of the Compact is One Driver, One License, One Record. A home state, like Colorado, agrees it will treat an out of state offense as if it had been committed at home. Examples of action taken include points assessed on speeding and other traffic violations, suspension of a license, or suspensions for major violations traffic crimes such as DWAI / DUI.

OJW Colorado Driver License Compact Member States

The following states are members of the Driver License Compact and can issue OJW's which will be honored amoung the member states:

Alabama OJW in Colorado

Montana OJW in Colorado

Alaska OJW in Colorado

Nebraska OJW in Colorado

Arizona OJW in Colorado

Nevada OJW in Colorado

Arkansas OJW in Colorado

New Hampshire OJW in Colorado

California OJW in Colorado

New Jersey OJW in Colorado

Colorado OJW

New Mexico OJW in Colorado

Connecticut OJW in Colorado

New York OJW in Colorado

District of Columbia OJW in Colorado

North Carolina OJW in Colorado

Delaware OJW in Colorado

North Dakota OJW in Colorado

Florida OJW in Colorado

Ohio OJW in Colorado

Hawaii OJW in Colorado

Oklahoma OJW in Colorado

Idaho OJW in Colorado

Oregon OJW in Colorado

Illinois OJW in Colorado

Pennsylvania OJW in Colorado

Indiana OJW in Colorado

Rhode Island OJW in Colorado

Iowa OJW in Colorado

South Carolina OJW in Colorado

Kansas OJW in Colorado

South Dakota OJW in Colorado

Kentucky OJW in Colorado

Texas OJW in Colorado

Louisiana OJW in Colorado

Utah OJW in Colorado

Maryland OJW in Colorado

Vermont OJW in Colorado

Massachusetts OJW in Colorado

Virginia OJW in Colorado

Minnesota OJW in Colorado

Washington OJW in Colorado

Mississippi OJW in Colorado

West Virginia OJW in Colorado

Missouri OJW in Colorado

Wyoming OJW in Colorado

OJW - Bench Warrant in Adams and El Paso County

Within the State of Colorado, if you fail to pay a fine, FTA in Court (Failure to Appear) or don't complete other terms of your sentence, the judge will typically issue a Bench Warrant for your arrest. But what happens if you are too far away from the court - such as an out of state court? The Driver's License Compact will put an OJW, or "hold" on your license. This will make it impossible for you to renew your driver's license and may cause you to commit the offense of driving on a suspended or revoked license.

OJW Reinstatement of a Driver's License in Denver and all of Colorado

Once you want to reinstate your driver's license from an active OJW, you must get a clearance letter from the issuing state. The out of state clearance letter will include information on the OJW, that you completed all the requirements of that state's violation, and will require you to pay a reinstatement fee here in Colorado. For unresolved traffic offenses here, Colorado can place an OJW against your license in addition to a bench warrant. Getting the clearance letter may require you to travel to the state where the violation occurred, risk being arrested on your FTA - Failure to Appear, pay late fees, complete community service, serve a jail sentence and pay fines and court costs. It can get pretty expensive after taking off work, traveling and paying fines. Once this is all completed, the state will issue your clearance letter which you can take to the Colorado DMW and get your license reinstated.

OJW stands for Outstanding Judgment Warrant. If an OJW is issued by a Colorado court or another state's court, a fee and other requirements are owed to the court on your trafic ticket (citation). The OJW must be resolved or your license may be cancelled and denied. Call Denver's best traffic lawyers at 303-731-0719 to begin the reinstatement process. We can work with Colorado courts to help in-state or out of state driver's license issues. Together, we can protect your future.

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