Immigration Deport for Convictions

Immigration Consequences and Deportation Based on Convictions - Denver Attorneys

Certain crimes in Denver, Colorado will result in your deportation from the United States. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, known as ICE, is responsible for deporting men and women convicted of crimes. Unless you are a citizen of the U.S., you could be deported for committing a "crime of moral turpitude", or one classified as an Aggravated Felony. Even if you are here legally with papers, like a work visa, or as a permanent resident with a green card, being accused of a crime is risky. In this article, we will review some general principles you need to know to protect yourself and your good standing here in the United States.

Immigration Crime of Moral Turpitude and Being Deported - Arapahoe County, Colorado Lawyers

The list of crimes of moral turpitude seems to be broadening across our country. Even a DUI or DWAI may qualify in Aurora or Arapahoe County. In some cases, commission of one crime of moral turpitude will be excused if committed after you have been here for five years. Typically though, crimes such as domestic violence, theft, firearms violations and those involving sex, will result in your removal from the U.S. Most felony convictions will put you on the ICE radar for deportation, since they involve potential punishment of a year in jail or more. These are just some of the factors involved in deportation decisions by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. It is always best that you consult a criminal defense lawyer and an immigration attorney before entering any plea, or speaking with police.

Aggravated Felony Convictions and Immigration Deportation Attorney in Adams County

Many crimes are considered deportation eligible if they are classified as an Aggravated Felony by the federal government. Distribution of drugs (like cocaine, heroin) and controlled substances is an aggravated felony under immigration law. Other crimes like murder, money laundering, violence crimes, felony theft, rape, sexual assault, pornography involving kids, being in the prostitution business, large fraud, human trafficking, and many other serious crimes qualify. Only an Adams County immigration and criminal defense attorney can say for sure.

How Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Prevent Your Deportation from Jefferson County

Being charged with a crime of moral turpitude is not the end. You are only accused. There is a huge difference between being accused and being convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in Jefferson County, Lakewood and Arvada. So, getting a good criminal defense attorney involved in your criminal case could result in a dismissal, a plea bargain to a nondeportable crime, or a limited removal. Once you hire an immigration attorney, we consult with your immigration lawyer on your behalf, to ensure that you can stay in the United States. So, be sure to tell your lawyer of your immigration status. Nothing is sacred to ICE once you have been accused of a crime.

Immigration Deport Lawyers and Criminal Defense Attorneys in Douglas County - Working Together

A good immigration lawyer will work hand in hand with your defense attorney to prevent your deportation. We will develop a joint plan to protect your future. We know that you have family, a residence, a job, and many other reasons to stay in the United States. So, be sure to remain silent when questioned by the police or ICE officers / agents. You enjoy many U.S. Constitution principles of innocence while here in the United States, and we will work with your immigration attorney to ensure your protection.

Can the ICE Effort to Deport You be Stopped?

Yes, there are some strategies where the government's desire to deport you can be derailed. In some cases, for example, the criminal court can reclassify your crime. Sometimes, there are requirements that you be advised of potential immigration consequences before entering a plea of guilty. If that did not occur, it can change your immigration standing. In other circumstances, you can make it more likely the government will let you back into the U.S. after a waiting period of 5 or 10 years outside the U.S.

Our criminal defense attorneys care about you and your family. We don't want to see anyone deported if not necessary. So, call us for a free meeting / consultation where we can talk about your specific situation. We can join with your immigration lawyer and protect your life here in the United States. So, never answer questions of ICE officers or police. Instead, call us 24/7 at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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