Impersonating a Peace/Police Officer - C.R.S. 18-8-112

Impersonation of a Peace/Police Officer in Colorado - C.R.S. -18-8-112

Impersonating a peace/police officer is a felony in Colorado and is generally accompanied by other felony charges. A person commits the crime of impersonating a peace officer in Denver, Douglas, Jefferson, Adams and Arapahoe counties if he or she falsely pretends to be a peace officer and performs an act in that pretended capacity. If convicted, this crime constitutes a Class 6 felony and carries with it up to 18 months in jail and fines. The elements of this offense still allow people to attend Halloween parties dressed as police officers, as long as they don't undertake any traditional police duties while pretending to be an officer.

C.R.S. 18-8-112, impersonating a peace/police officer violations continue to make headlines in Colorado. Recently, a man in Denver dressed as a police officer was driving around and pulling over women. After pulling them over, he sexually assaulted them. A society needs to have trust in its law enforcement officers, and this crime causes people to wonder if they are dealing with someone they can trust. Because of the importance placed on trusting police, and the element of deception involved with this crime, Colorado sentences this crime more harshly than other Class 6 felonies.

Sentencing for Impersonating a Peace/Police Officer

Coupled with crimes like sexual assault, 18-3-402, impersonation of an officer generally involves a prison sentence to the Department of Corrections. With the mandatory lifetime imprisonment components of sexual assault, pretending to be a police officer can change your life forever. District attorney prosecutors often allege aggravated circumstances to increase the length of time a judge can sentence a person to DOC for impersonation of a peace/police officer. If you remain silent and don't talk with police, there are many ways our lawyers and attorneys can decrease the likelihood you will go to prison or jail for this crime. However, if you talk, Department of Correction sentences are common.

Felony charges are very serious crimes. They will affect you for the rest of your life and are a difficult record to seal. A felony conviction for Impersonation of a peace/police officer will greatly limit employment opportunities, will prohibit you from owning a gun/firearm, limit housing options and can impact foreign travel. If convicted, the punishment for this crime will be life altering for you or a loved one. The best thing that you can do is to hire a criminal defense lawyer here in the Denver area immediately to help ensure that you will get the best defense possible.

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