Attorney Fees for Criminal Cases

We offer reasonable fees for our skilled and experienced work as criminal defense attorneys. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case.

What is the Cost to Retain Our Criminal Defense Lawyers?

First, remember that lawyers only have their time to sell. We don't offer any food, machinery or consumer goods for sale. So, we price our work based on the time we expect to spend on your criminal case. Our Attorney fees can be on an hourly basis or flat fee. Most of our cases are completed on a flat fee, to make   the cost more affordable and predictable to our clients. When
we have a case which is highly unpredictable, like a probation revocation matter, we lean toward charging an hourly rate. We don't want you paying for time you don't use.

We don't want to charge you for time you don't use.

How Much are Our Hourly Lawyer Fees?

Hourly attorney fees range from $200.00 per hour up to $300.00 per hour, depending on the experience level of the lawyer involved. Some of our more complex cases, like those involving charges of Sexual Assault on a Child, are only handled by our senior attorneys. Less sophisticated cases, like those in municipal court or county court, are done by less experienced lawyers. Hourly fees are generally charged for revocations of probation, deferred judgment revocations and protection / restraining order defense.

What are Our Flat Fees for Criminal Cases?

Flat fees offer predictability for our clients and remove concerns that the lawyer is performing work solely to generate fee income. They also make the case more affordable. Generally with flat fees, we will spend much more time on a case than the hourly equivalent. On the low end, we perform traffic and some municipal cases for as little as $1,000.00. Complex Sexual Assault and mandatory prison felony cases could go as high as $20,000.00 for our nontrial track. Nontrial track cases are those which are completed without the need for a trial. Complicated trials can take hundreds of hours of work. We don't feel it is fair to charge a client for trial work which is never performed. So, we only charge for our trial track if the case proceeds to trial at arraignment. An estimated eighty percent of our cases do not proceed to trial. For this reason, we only charge clients for the nontrial track up front. This makes the case much more affordable than how many lawyers bill.
Some lawyers will charge a fee for the entire case, whether it goes to trial or not. Then, they apply pressure to the client to settle the case by plea bargain - effectively making more money because they get paid a higher fee but never go to trial. Trials take a lot of time to do correctly. Only if a case is set for motions hearing and trial, do we charge for the expected time to do the trial. As with hourly cases, the experience of the lawyer involved will influence the cost of a flat fee case. Also, the complexity of the case (time involved) will impact the flat fee cost. We shop the competition and try to keep all of our fees in the middle of what other lawyers are charging.

We shop the competition to keep our prices fair.

Why Avoid the Cheapest Lawyer?

There used to be a Bell motorcycle helmet commercial which advertised, "if you have a $10 head, get a $10 helmet." The point was that your head is worth investing in. We feel the same way about our law work. We put our heart into defending you and treat you like family. We avoid shortcuts and do our homework on your case. With cheap lawyers, you often get what you pay for. Whether it is a lawyer who comes to court with five files and can't even recognize you at court, or the lawyer who come to court
unprepared, your life is worthy of a competent attorney's help. We don't work out of our basement and meet you at a restaurant. We have offices and staff devoted to defending you. Your future, your criminal history, and your freedom are worth the investment.

Your life is worthy of a competent attorney's help.

Why are Costs and Expenses Extra?

Every case is different. Some cases require a private investigator to dig into an alleged victim's past. Other cases require service of subpoenas on companies and witnesses. Complex matters sometimes require us to retain a child interview expert, an accountant, or a police procedures
person. These experts can make a big difference with a jury. We don't build the cost of experts into every case. Only those trials which need experts get experts. You should not have to pay a percentage of your fees to cover someone else's problems.

How and When are Legal Fees Paid?

We offer a free initial consultation in our office. This gives you a chance to interview us and talk about your case and circumstances. You need the input of a trusted friend if you are in the middle of legal charges, so bring a friend or family member. When you come in, you will learn a ton about the court process, your charges, and possible penalties. We will increase your
understanding of the competing interests involved in your case, including those of the DA, alleged victim, police and judge. Once you decide to hire us, we accept cash, checks, money orders and most credit cards.

Contact our law office at 303-830-0880 to meet with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys. Together, we can protect your future.

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