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In the City of Lakewood, Colorado, men and women are charged with misdemeanor crimes and offenses which can ruin their life. Any employer can check to see if you have a criminal conviction, and if you do, you are not as appealing as job applicants without a criminal record. Since your record is so important to your employment and housing, you need a lawyer with you at the Lakewood Municipal Court. We have been there dozens of times and can help find the best resolution for your criminal charges.

Lakewood, Colorado Municipal Code of Ordinances - The Laws in Lakewood for all Criminal Offenses and Crimes

Lakewood, Colorado, crimes are listed below by their citation, within subject matter divisions. Study these crimes in preparation for your defense. Don't plead guilty to a crime at your first hearing. There are many ways to structure your case so that your future is not severely impacted. Here is how the Lakewood crimes are organized:

I. Offenses by or Against Officers and Government in Lakewood, Colorado

9.06.010 False reporting to authorities

9.06.020 False information during investigation

9.08.010 Unlawful to impersonate police officer

9.08.020 Counterfeit insignias

9.08.030 Impersonating city officers and employees unlawful

9.10.010 Impeding police, firemen or other officials by vehicle at scene of disaster

9.10.020 Interference with police officers, firefighters, emergency medical services providers, rescue specialists, city employees

9.10.030 Resisting arrest-Escaping-Rescuing a prisoner

9.10.040 Disobeying an order of a police officer or fireman-Refusing to aid a police officer

9.12.010 Blue and red lights - Illegal use or possession

9.12.020 Solicitation of towing business

9.14.010 Physicians to report wounds

9.16.010 Cruelty to police dogs-Unlawful

II. Offenses Against the Person in Lakewood, Colorado

9.20.010 Assault

9.20.020 Menacing-Without deadly weapon

9.20.040 Reckless endangerment

9.20.050 Violation of protection order

9.20.060 Violation of bail bond conditions

9.26.010 Regulations generally

9.28.010 Storage or parking of tank vehicles

III. Offenses Against Public Health and Safety in Lakewood, Colorado

9.30.010 Dumping on private or public property

9.30.020 Vehicles causing litter

9.30.030 Storage of trash or garbage

9.30.050 Construction materials covered or secured

9.30.040 Unlawful storage on public property

9.31.010 Snow removal

9.31.020 Snow or ice deposited

9.31.030 Notification

9.31.040 Enforcement

9.31.050 Penalty

9.32.010 Definitions

9.32.020 Authority

9.32.030 Permits and use agreements: Outdoor Meeting on Public Property.

9.32.050 Open carrying of a firearm prohibited parks, community centers, and recreational facilities

9.32.070 Hours of use

9.32.075 Interference with the Director or a Park Ranger unlawful

9.32.085 False information during investigation

9.32.090 Alcoholic beverages prohibited

9.32.100 Fermented malt beverage and malt liquors regulations

9.32.110 Open fires prohibited

9.32.120 Commercial activity prohibited

9.32.130 Defecation by dogs

9.32.170 Fishing regulations

9.32.180 Wildlife protected

9.32.210 Nudity prohibited

9.32.220 Horse riding prohibited

9.32.230 Group and nonrecreational activities

9.32.240 Hang gliding, paragliding, ultralight aircraft and hot air balloons prohibited

9.32.250 Camping prohibited

9.32.260 Destruction of public property

9.32.265 Collection of natural resources

9.32.266 Unlawful improvements on parks

9.32.270 Littering prohibited

9.32.280 Dangerous missiles

9.32.290 Unlawful to sell or use fireworks

9.32.300 Animals running at large unlawful

9.32.310 Motor vehicles

9.32.320 Boating

9.32.325 Prohibition of aquatic nuisance species

9.32.330 Horse drawn carriages prohibited

9.32.340 Commercial operation of horse drawn carriages

9.32.360 Disobeying the order of a posted sign

9.32.370 Glass containers prohibited

9.32.380 Lakewood Civic Center enforcement

9.32.390 Swimming, wading

9.32.400 Use of trails

9.33.020 Unlawful to swim or wade in irrigation ditches

9.34.010 Depositing debris in streams and waters

9.36.010 Harassing, killing or injuring wildlife

9.38.020 Definitions

9.38.030 General smoking restrictions

9.38.040 Exceptions to smoking restrictions

9.38.050 Optional restrictions

9.38.090 Unlawful Acts - Penalty

9.38.100 Enforcement

9.38.110 Severability

9.38.060 Hookah Bars

9.38.070 Cigar-tobacco Bars

9.38.080 Signage

9.38.045 Exceptions to marijuana smoking restrictions

9.38.075 Tobacco business

9.39.010 Authority

9.39.020 Publication of Notice

9.39.030 Unlawful Conduct

9.39.040. Enforcement

9.39.050. Type of fire ban or fire restriction that may be declared by the City Manager

9.39.060. Definitions

IV. Offenses Against Public Decency in Lakewood, Colorado

9.40.010 Unlawful

9.41.010 Definitions

9.41.020 Open containers - Unlawful

9.41.030 Open container in motor vehicle-Unlawful

9.41.040 Prima facie evidence

9.41.050 Unlawful to sell or give ethyl alcohol to underage person

9.41.060 Purchases of ethyl alcohol prohibited

9.41.070 Underage Possession or consumption of ethyl alcohol prohibited

9.41.075 Unlawful to sell or give ethyl alcohol to intoxicated person

9.41.080 Strict liability

9.41.090 Affirmative defenses

9.41.100 Unlawful to possess alcohol without liquid

9.42.010 Harboring of minors unlawful

9.43.020 Definitions

9.43.030 Illegal possession of marijuana

9.43.040 Public display, consumption, or use of marijuana

9.43.060 Exception

9.43.070 Affirmative defense

9.43.080 Abusing toxic vapors

9.43.090 Marijuana cultivation facilities, marijuana product manufacturing facilities, marijuana testing facilities and marijuana enterprises are prohibited

9.43.100 Production of Hash Oil - Prohibited-REPEALED

9.43.025 Illegal possession or consumption of marijuana by an underage person.

9.43.085 Marijuana Cultivation for Medicinal or Recreational Use.

9.44.010 Definitions.

9.44.020 Drug paraphernalia-Determination-Considerations

9.44.030 Unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

9.44.025 Illegal possession of marijuana paraphernalia by an underage person.

9.44.040 Drug paraphernalia - exemptions.

9.45.010 Definitions

9.45.020 Prostitution prohibited

9.45.030 Soliciting for prostitution

9.45.040 Pandering

9.45.050 Keeping a place of prostitution

9.45.060 Patronizing a prostitute

9.45.070 Prostitute making display

9.45.080 Confiscation of moneys used in prostitution offenses

9.45.090 Violation of probation for prostitution offense

V. Offenses Against Public Peace in Lakewood, Colorado

9.50.010 Disorderly conduct-Unlawful

9.50.020 Disrupting lawful assembly

9.50.030 Obstructing highway or other passageway

9.50.040 Harassment

9.50.050 Interference with staff, faculty or students of educational institutions

9.50.060 Public buildings-Trespass, interference-Penalty

9.50.070 Urination and defecation in public

9.50.080 Public indecency

9.50.090 Invasion of privacy

9.50.100 Window peeping

9.50.110 Criminal tampering

9.50.120 Aggressive begging prohibited

9.50.130 Begging in certain locations prohibited

9.51.030 Juvenile nighttime loitering

9.51.040 Parental responsibility for juvenile nighttime loitering

9.52.010 This chapter shall be known as the Lakewood noise control ordinance.

9.52.020 Declaration of policy

9.52.030 Definitions

9.52.040 Unlawful to make

9.52.050 Unlawful noises generally

9.52.060 Bells and chimes

9.52.070 Radios, television sets, phonographs and similar devices-Use restrict

9.52.080 Animals or birds

9.52.090 Exhausts-Mufflers

9.52.100 Defect in vehicle or load

9.52.110 Quiet zone

9.52.120 Dynamic braking devices

9.52.130 Truck loading

9.52.140 Construction activities

9.52.150 Power equipment

9.52.155 Temporary exemption from ordinance

9.52.160 Amplified sound

9.52.170 Application for permit to use sound-amplifying equipment in a motor vehicle

9.52.190 Permit issuance

VI. Offenses Against Property in Lakewood, Colorado

9.60.010 Criminal mischief

9.60.015 Obstruction of telephone service

9.60.020 Injury or removal of signs

9.60.030 Destroying posters

9.60.040 Lug wheels and treaded vehicles prohibited

9.60.050 Defacing property

9.60.055 Possession of graffiti materials by minors prohibited

9.60.057 Unlawful possession of graffiti materials

9.60.060 Arson

9.62.010 Obstructing traffic

9.63.010 Definitions

9.63.020 Issuance of bad check

9.64.010 Shoplifting-Unlawful

9.64.020 Price switching

9.64.030 Unlawful acts-theft detection devices

9.65.010 Petty theft-Unlawful

9.66.010 Trespassing-Unlawful

9.66.020 Motor vehicle trespass

VII. Weapons in Lakewood, Colorado

9.70.010 Definitions

9.70.020 Unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon

9.70.025 Unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon in private vehicle

9.70.030 Illegal weapons-Unlawful to possess or use

9.70.040 Firearms-Unlawful to discharge

9.70.050 Deadly weapon-Unlawful to display, brandish or flourish

9.70.060 Deadly or illegal weapons-Confiscation and disposition thereof

9.70.070 Deadly weapons-Unlawful to carry where vinous, spirituous or malt liquors sold

9.70.080 Dangerous missiles-Stones

VIII. Nuisances in Lakewood, Colorado

9.80.010 Definitions

9.80.020 Unlawful condition on property-Responsibility

9.80.025 Unlawful condition of right-of-way

9.80.030 Method of abatement

9.80.040 Initiate legal action in court

9.80.050 Abatement procedure

9.80.060 Show cause

9.80.070 Summary abatement authorized

9.80.080 Notice

9.80.090 Costs and charges

9.80.100 Right of entry

9.80.110 Cumulative remedies

9.80.120 Concurrent remedies

9.80.130 Affirmative defense

9.80.140 Towing

9.80.150 Declared nuisances

9.85.010 Legislative intent

9.85.020 Definitions

9.85.030 Declaration of public nuisance

9.85.040 Concurrent remedies

9.85.050 Enforcement

9.85.060 Notification of nuisance

9.85.070 Abatement procedure

9.85.080 Administrative hearing

9.85.090 Costs and charges

IX. Provisions Applicable to Offenses Generally in Lakewood, Colorado

9.90.010 Affirmative defenses

9.92.010 Legislative intent and construction

9.92.020 Purpose of title, statutory construction

9.92.030 Place of trial

9.94.010 Definitions

The Lakewood City Municipal Court is located in Lakewood at 445 South Allison Parkway
Lakewood, CO 80226, with a phone number of 303-987-7400. The court's web site is:

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