City & Municipal Courts

Municipal Courts and City Courts in Colorado - Charges Which Can Impact Your Future

Colorado has many cities, and most of the larger ones have realized an economic benefit to having their own court system.  Fines and costs paid by defendants charged with crimes now go to the city budget rather than the county and state of Colorado.

Municipal courts can only handle charges of misdemeanor crimes, which generally have a maximum of one year in the city jail.

Simply because you are charged with a City or Municipal Code law violation, does not mean you are guilty.  You may have a solid defense you are not aware of. Never go to court and enter a plea of guilty.  A criminal defense lawyer can likely find defenses which will impact how a city attorney will agree to structure your plea.  How your plea is structured can impact jail time, damage to your criminal record and whether your job and housing are affected. Talk with one of our Denver area municipal code criminal defense lawyers today.

These Municipal Courts include the following cities.  Be sure and click on the city where you are charged for a wealth of information.  Some cities are not yet listed.  We work in all Colorado municipal courts.

Aurora Municipal Court, Aurora Colorado

Castle Rock Municipal Court, Castle Rock, Colorado

Denver Municipal Court & General Sessions, Denver, Colorado

Lakewood Municipal Court, Lakewood, Colorado

Westminster Municipal Court, Westminster, Colorado

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