Burglary Law Changes in Colorado

Burglary Law Change in Arapahoe, Douglas and Denver Colorado

First Degree Burglary can be distinguished from Second Degree Burglary due to the presence of a deadly weapon, like a gun or knife. Clearly, the presence of one of these weapons presents a greater threat to the life of the inhabitants of the building or occupied structure. Second Degree Burglary is different from Third Degree Burglary because a building or occupied structure is no longer the object of the offense, but instead something like a vault, vending machine or mechanical item is the subject of a trespass.

Law Change in Adams, Jefferson and Broomfield - Use or Threatened Use of Weapon

With these basics in mind, Colorado lawmakers have recently made a change to First Degree Burglary. This crime has been highlighted by the presence of a deadly weapon in past years. Now, an Amendment to First Degree Burglary no longer requires simply the presence of a deadly weapon, but now the deadly weapon must be used or threatened to be used. In the past, mere possession was sufficient.

This is a refreshing change of the law, and something rarely seen. Generally, legislators who are eager to prove they are tough on crime and protective of the majority, propose more strict amendments to any law. Perhaps the legislature is trying to find ways to decrease prison populations. The cost of housing an inmate at DOC is over thirty thousand dollars per year. Sentencing alternatives like Community Corrections, Work Release, or Probation, are much less. We can understand the need for changes in law when such a great portion of our tax dollars are used for housing inmates rather than educating children or paving roads.

First Degree Burglary in Colorado is a serious crime which threatens the safety of men and women in their own homes. Yet a serious crime such as this can be punished under the new terms of law as well as the old. We will continue to provide sufficient disincentive to entering the homes of others, and save money by unnecessarily incarcerating men and women in prison.

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